Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Rush Hour

That's a few people for a Wednesday afternoon.

Merry Christmas. Have some lag to go with that Turkey.

Yes, in Ironforge this morning the tree action was, not to put it mildly, brisk. My FPS dropped in a  capital city for the first time in... well, frankly years, and I love it. It helps of course that we are paired with Silvermoon, which has always been quite feisty on the Alliance side, but this morning was actually really rather encouraging. This is what happens when you heavily discount the game and people come back to play. It makes the Blizzard bank balance look good too.

Five presents, no waiting.

Fortunately, point and clicking on a bunch of presents works quite successfully, though the time to actually loot from a click was, at points this morning, up to three seconds. I don't have a problem with this many people, far from it, and it has warmed my festive heart to see so many people around in the last couple of weeks. Long may it continue.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful festive break, and I'll be doing stuff throughout the entire period. I'll see you after Christmas Day :D

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