Sunday, December 01, 2013

Reeling in the Years


There was no Flex last night (WTB People who actually Want To Raid PST) so instead, off we went to do Cheevos. Specifically we went and poked the Firelands for a Mage to get a go at the Legendary for Guild Achievements (successful), we finally ticked off Not an Ambi-Turner (OMG ZOOLANDER) and I realised I should probably give some thought to sorting out some of these older achievements (Do a Barrel Roll is still scary even now.) After we'd Killed Maygos in P1 of 25 man and still had to wait for the death in P3 (what's that about?) off we went to go and hit things in 25 man Icecrown. All in all, it was a good night for nostalgia, facerolling old things and realising that, actually, this game has a lot of life in it yet despite what some people may be saying to the contrary.

Again, I find myself grasping the need for organisation if you ever want to get anything done.

This means, at some point this week, when it's quiet and I can wrap my brain around the details, I'd be well served to sit down and ascertaining what bits of various Meta Achievements I don't have, for there are many, some at quite close levels of completion. Because some of these have mounts as rewards, they would indeed be relevant to my interests. Also, seeing the level of ease that we were able to faceroll a great deal of stuff last night, I should probably consider doing some of these solo. DPS was, especially on commencement, fairly impressive.

#2 Hunter was my multiboxing husband. NERF US NOT!

In fact, all told, I feel I might be missing a trick by not doing some of these places: of course, there are mechanics that are uncheesable and would requite a rebuild to something a little more hardy in the self-survival stakes. Needless to say, if I'm stuck for stuff to do over the Festive Break, this would be an avenue to consider.

There is something undoubtedly satisfying about being able to utterly cheese content, and although this is obviously not the way any of this was intended to be played, what it does do is remind me of how mechanics have altered in the game's lifespan, of how the notion of culpability has become more and more significant as time has progressed. It is also useful to remember that things were supposed to be done a certain way, and by not doing so has the ability to make them break, often fairly spectacularly. A case in point for this was 25 man Lich King last night, who we got to 0% health without a single transition, and then who killed us without Terenas Menethil making an appearance. Fortunately for us, we had a Paladin who was able to bubble at the crucial moment and survive Arthas' wrath. Fordring has taught him well.


However, what was undoubtedly the most satisfying part of all this involved the Guildies whom wandered around with me. It's more fun with friends, that's what they say, and this is undoubtedly correct.

Time to do this again on a more regular basis, I think :D

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Jonathan said...

"Time to do this again on a more regular basis, I think :D"

As I've been saying for ages!