Friday, December 20, 2013

Nothing 'bout Me

Some of you will have come here looking for an article that no longer exists. That's because, for the first time today I deleted a Blog Post following a complaint.

When I wrote the post it was for no other reason than observation on a series of events that happened yesterday. The complaint centred around the assertion that I had incorrectly represented a position. I was, and I still am of the opinion I was simply reporting what I saw, and that I made no effort or deliberate intent to represent anything in any way other than the manner in which it was presented to me via Social Media.

However, because I now understand via this complaint the wider context of the situation, I have taken the decision to remove the post.


Grimmtooth said...

I have no idea of the context of Mr. R's tweet. But I thought it odd considering who he writes for, and that's ALL Imma gunna say.

By the way, the original article has already made it to Feedburner or whoever your feed provider is, so that particular cat ain't going back into the bag. Something to consider if you have a similar situation in the future.

Matty said...

Damn, wish you hadn't taken that down. Oh well.