Tuesday, December 24, 2013



The Gold Community in Warcraft has always been a source of fascination for me.

Now, when I say 'Gold' I should be clear this refers to the players who consider gold-making as as much a part of the experience as levelling or dungeons: there are many, many of them, and they are a fabulously vocal bunch. In fact, I would go so far to say as I have an almost girly crush on certain gold-makers, such is the impressive nature of their abilities. They also come in for what seems like an incredible amount of both abuse and belittlement for what they do, often far more successfully than the people who attempt to emulate their success. That's what happens when people are experts, I suppose.

So, there's the advert over. Now, let's get to my point.

I believe I understand how markets work. I feel I grasp most of the basic concepts of making money in game, and I'm well aware that if I stopped procrastinating and actually put in some effort, I would quite probably be onto a winner, several in fact. However, my aim in game has never been to make money above everything else, it's always remained a bonus on top of everything else, Take, for instance, the dozen or so Battle Pets I had as duplicates that I caged and stuck up for sale at the weekend. As a last minute Xmas Gift, my Darkmoon Monkeys and Zeppelins were a sound choice, and yes I got lucky. 10,000g for a weekend's not happened for a while, and it set me thinking... everybody has a plan. This we have established. However, what's to say that it's nothing about your plan and everything to do with timing?

Of course, the successful gold maker doesn't just rely on one plan, they have many ways to fill their coffers. You can buy guides, after all, on any given day you'll have one part of your 'plan' that makes the money and other bits that don't. I'm also aware that if you find a brilliant sure fire way of turning small amounts of money into massive piles with pretty much zero effort, you'll want to make money out of that too, or at least keep the idea close to your chest. So I wondered why Gold Farmers continue to farm... and this set me thinking on an idea. When your game is almost ten years old, what is there left to say about making money that hasn't been said already, that hasn't been done to death by everyone else. What new spin is there to even put on goldmaking not for the new player or the casual player, but for people like me?

I could, I suppose, go the way that Nev has gone at Auction House Addict: start from scratch with a couple of alts: the thing is, I don't really want to take particular time to focus on money making. I'm looking for the happy accidents, the pleasant bonus gold that happens when you're doing something else, the location you go to do X and then Y might just appear as a bonus... and hence was a new feature born:

The key to this feature is simple: I'm not sitting down, deliberately attempting to make money. I'm not provisioning a set time every day to farm, or play the markets, I'm just doing what I normally do, but if I happen to be doing something, I'm looking for the extra ways to make it profitable. For instance, as I still want to grind my Skyshards for that particular mount in the Vale, this means I'll end up with a lot of items spare: food ingredients, cloth, green items. The question then becomes: what's the most profitable way to use what I've gathered? Should I DE and sell raw materials? Should I sell the greens as they stand? What's the best use for cloth?

I said on Twitter yesterday I have a question to ask the Gold Making Community and this is it: at the beginning of each month, I'm going to post my 'plan' for the month for my readership's general perusal. I'm then going to ask you guys what you think the best thing is to do with my spoils, and I'm going to follow everyone's advice and work out what works best for me, and then report back. This (of course) will only work if people decide to take part, so I thought I'd give you a week's warning before I launch into this. I may end up simply having to work on initiative: that's the problem when you launch something out into the world untried or undisclosed. It may be great, it may fall on it's arse. We will see. To the gold makers reading this, if I have your attention and interest, I hope to see you early in January for my first attempt at making money whilst not actually trying.

I reckon this could be interesting.


Jeremy Foster said...

Ooh, this sounds like fun. I was just chatting with Stede and mentioned that I try to find the most profitable way to use random materials that you don't normally see. Aside from my upcoming afkness in Feb/March, you'll likely get some good feedback from me :)

Grimmtooth said...

Ah, Return of the Glodmother. Pleased that you stopped by. :)

I put an hour or so a day into my "business" in-game, make 1K-5K each day, and get to play the game and enjoy it, to boot.

It may not be flashy or "goblin-like" in execution, but I have over a million in the bank and have no fears of not being able to pay my own way in a raid, etc, so I'm content. A little bit of organization and perseverance (and a lot of alts) goes a long way :)

Phat Lewts said...

Sounds like fun, see you in 2014!

R said...

Good basic habits and repeatable AH business have been the keys to my personal success, nothing flashy, nothing particularly time-consuming, nothing particularly risky and I avoid glyphs and gems like plagues.

Looking forward to seeing the lists. :)

Stede Bonnet said...

Will be keeping an eye on this. Will be really cool to see. Some of the goldmaking content that I put out there can be pretty high up there, but I've always held a fascination with how folks learn to make gold - each person is different.

I'd be happy to be a part of a project like this - I'm sure I'll probably learn some things as we go along, too! Til then, Happy Holidays & grats on 16k!