Thursday, December 26, 2013

Give It Away


Thanks to Rho at Realm Maintenance, I appear to have a Contest to run ^^

Traditionally I have not fared well when giving stuff away, but this time I am in the position of owning a code for an Alterac Brew Pup which I require to send to a good home. This means I'll have to see if I can sort this out without mucking it up. Theredore, if you wish to win this code, the entry requirements are simple:

  • Reply to this post, stating you would like to win said pet.


  • Wait until January 1st 2014 to see if you are a winner.

That appears to be reasonably straightforward, doesn't it? Can this possibly go wrong?

We shall see... Good Luck All!


Many Thanks to Rho @ Realm maintenance for the donation of this prize :D


Anonymous said...

Figure I might as well give it a shot :) Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!
(contact email is - NOT used for my WoW account)

Marie said...

He's adorable and I know I'd give him a good home. <3

It was great fun hearing you on Girls Gone WoW, and I look forward to your next appearance. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

You can use my twitter account @mbuhtz :-)

Ray Gould said...

I am a pet lover IRL as well as IG. Send the lucky dog here and I will be sure to put him to good use carrying my balloons to the world of Azeroth!!


All my best,
Ray (Profitz)

Jeni Morton said...

I would love to give the little guy a home, though my cats may disapprove! (shawndrakai twitter and gmail)

Altaholic said...

No matter where he goes I am sure he will be loved. I thought I would toss my hat into the ring. I know Moon Moon would love having a playmate.

Oathblade on twitter aka Nightwill

Talar said...

I'll throw my name in the hat. Twitter = @talar13

Phat Lewts said...

I would like to win said pet.



Jonathan said...

I too would like to win said pet.

You know where to find me. :-)

Ellie said...

Woof woof?

(mystery) I believe you may have access to my email address (/mystery)

Or you could use, which would also reach me. ;p

Lyrestra said...

Hi there, it's @Lyrestra!

I totally want that little dude! =D

Raymond Hafner II said...

Very kind of you and Rho!

@FeyMercurial is interested, have tons of guildies, one of them would love a pup.

Tyledres said...

I would love to have this pet. I'm not much of a dog person but I think he's just adorable.

sarolian said...

I would like to win this awesome Pet!!

@Sarolian is my Twitter

Anonymous said...

I would love a slobbery doggie. :)

My Twitter handle is @hazhyena

Josef said...

I believe I could use an Alterac Rescue or two come new years day!

Anonymous said...

No Brewmaster transmog is complete without this lil guy. i would love to re-home him. @roneebean

Katherine said...

Would love to give him a home :)

Happy Holidays :)

Kanter said...

Thank you for offering this pooch!


Arrian said...

Cute lil pooch AND he carries booze, what's not to like about that?

You can give him strokes and get bladdered at the same time :D


Anonymous said...

I've loved him since I first saw him but sadly funds are low at the moment :(

Thanks for giving it away like this :)


Ross said...

Ooooh why thank you for running this! Happy New Year & good luck to everyone. @elepheagle

Twenty said...

I would LOVE to have this lil' guy, and I promise I'll give him a good, loving home. He can play with Dog on my ranch out in Valley of the Four Winds, where there is fresh air and sunshine and good food.


Wabbage said...

I'd love to give this little guy a home :)

Hope you have a fantastic New Year!

Anonymous said...

Did someone win?

The Godmother said...

Indeed, I announced the winner via Twitter. The lucky recipient of the pet was @hazhyena :D

There may well be more giveaways later in the year.