Sunday, December 22, 2013

25 to Life

And then, we were there.

There's a few things to be said concerning the fact that, during the week, I finally achieved Mount Parade.

The last bit of Grinding Cows (TM) on the Island was incredibly easy, and I did it very soon after reset. Mr Alt remarked last night how quiet the Isle was whereas in Ironforge it was packed, so I think I can fairly surmise that the focus of people's interest has shifted. I suspect we'll see quite a few more people levelling over Christmas as a result, so I'm going to not buck the trend and have a bash at getting a couple of alts maxxed. As one would be the Jewelcrafter, and thanks to the fact that I've been on the Island for so long I suspect I have enough Firestorm Eggs with the bonus to rep to get pretty much instant access to the Panther recipes, it's probably time to do a bit of gathering and start working on those mounts to add to the collection.

Then there was the (at least for me) annoyance of actually learning the 200 but because of the way the system works not having it register or the Achievement appear until I logged one of my two alts who own class-specific mounts. It could have been either the Lock or the Pally I assume (the former won coz I log in the order people appear on screen.) Yes, this is minor, but it does show up a shortcoming in the Achievement System when all your programme does is count certain things on a per character basis. They could probably fix that, but by doing so they'd probably break something vital. Such are the mysteries of the Blizzard UI. Needless to say I now own 202 mounts, because as well as the quite beautiful Blue version being modelled by the Lock above there is also a Red version that appears on the Horde side.

This also means that, whenever I want to check exactly how many mounts I *actually* own, I'll need to look at the Lock for a confirmation :P

Gets lost a bit in Orgrimmar

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is the satisfaction of having completed one of the most significant Achievement grinds I've ever undertaken in game, because it's taken this long. By 'this long' I mean about nine months, give or take, which is pretty stupid (possibly) by some people's reckoning. If I'd have focussed (for instance) on finishing Meta Achievements in places like Ulduar or ICC I could have been there far faster but the focus here was, most definitely, doing it alone in my own time to fit around my playtime. If there were one metaphor for what Pandaria has made me it is probably this, and there's a post or two locked up in that revelation. Whereas Flex has championed the notion of players doing things together, many parts of this expansion have forced me to go alone, simply because no-one else was around at the time to begin with. I'll have to think a bit about that actually, but I reckon what Warlords should be doing, as a first priority, is actively discouraging as much solo play as it can. There's some contention for you. I'll leave that here for everyone to think about and I'll be off to the next paragraph...

The biggest upshot of this Achievement is, of course, where I go next. This means there really is nothing stopping me going off and sorting out Battle Pets, for instance, which currently holds the Clubhouse Leader spot. There's the Brawlers Guild, and all manner of stuff scattered across Pandaria to consider, but in terms of massive steps Mount Collecting is the train that will never stop, because the next big marker undoubtedly is 250 in Warlords and I can start on that RIGHT NOW. I might even get lucky and they stick summat in for 225, and in that case that could be doable quite quickly.... and I realise that this game really does have its claws permanently in me. As the man says.... you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave... ^^

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Kanter said...

I'll be very surprised if Blizzard discourages solo play in Warlords. See my full reaction to your post at my blog.