Saturday, December 28, 2013

10,000 Days

It must be Christmas, even Mr Alt is considering a Bucket List...

For many of us who don't do 'serious' raiding, the ability to outgear content is a distinct advantage.

The Guild made it to Deathwing on 10 man in Cataclysm but that was pretty much as far as it went: there was a bit of speculative poking in Heroic but there were never either the people or the time to commit to the endeavour. Therefore going back when you can two man the instance is rather satisfying, despite the fact that some of the mechanics involved mean you're working flat out as dps. If you've never tried achieving Maybe He'll get Dizzy just as a tank and dps I'd strongly suggest it as possibly one of the THE most fun and challenging things I've done... well for quite some time, actually. In fact, I'd argue that most of that instance as a two man is doable, even if we caved at Deathwing and got some people in to help out (cheers T and Y.) What this does mean is that (yet again) I am one achievement short of not simply a Meta but ANOTHER MOUNT.

More significantly, I cross into 16000 Achievement Points.

There's still a ton of Wrath stuff left to knock off, and then there's the rest of the Heroics 10 Mans from Cataclysm I never saw. There's a bazillion PvP Achievements too, which means that at some point in the New Year I will be brushing off my gears and giving some of those a damn good poke. What I'm desperately trying to take advantage of is the fact that Mr Alt is looking at his Achievement Points for the first time this Expansion, because this is the first opportunity he's had nothing to do since launch, and if that isn't a damning indictment of Pandaria's basic problem I don't know what is. Needless to say having a pocket tank to deal with all the complicated stuff up the front while I dps is brilliant, but what's even better is that he'll bring his Hunter on the other account and effectively dual box most of what we do. This is his second best geared toon to boot: I've only managed two pieces of Tier, she has ALL FIVE ^^ As long as I can still beat her I'm doing something right, legendary cloak notwithstanding...

Thursday Night was all about Ulduar...

What all of this demonstrates, if it were even needed, is that the game's content maintains a relevance long after an Expansion that accompanies it is dead and gone. The key, of course, is allowing people to collect the Meta Mounts that accompany these feats, to make the mogging pieces desirable, to have patterns that certain people need to collect to complete collections. This allows the Instances to survive long after their relevance has passed, and make previous Expansions not simply places you pass through on the way to End Game... they become a part of that experience themselves. Everything *potentially* becomes End Game, dependant on what you choose to do and how you approach it. Achievements become a method by which Blizzard can continue to tie you into the evolutionary experience of the game (The Danger Zone achievement, for instance) even if you are not currently playing... and you don't need to come back at the time for most of them. The Seasonals are the notable exception to this, but this year it's been possible to achieve previous years Winter Veil achievements just by turning up.

It then boils down to a basic principle: it's not when you do something, it's that you do it at all that matters. The points of the board allow you to feel there's been progression, that you've gone from one point to another, that you have achieved something, even if there are those who say that the relevance of that is entirely dependant on the timestamp that accompanies it. No matter, points are points, and when your hobby is to collect those, does it really matter when they're awarded? I think not. It is never the destination, after all... it is always the journey, and this is one that shows no signs of stopping after nearly a decade.

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