Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So You Win (Again)


Oh look, boys and girls, it's a Tuesday, and we all know what THAT means :D

WHEN Warlords of Draenor releases, this will be the day it happens (traditionally to correspond with US maintenance) The only thing we don't know as yet is which Tuesday it is going to be. That's where you, and our hugely popular contest from last year, comes in. Yes, we're going to do it all again! This is possibly THE most popular thing I've ever done on the Site, so I would be justifiably foolish not to repeat the experience...

The principle here is gloriously simple: you need to predict the next World of Warcraft expansion release date. I'll need both a month and a Tuesday for your entry to count, so go look at your calendars before you commit! When you have an date  you're happy with it is time to utilise the modern marvel that is Twitter. This is what you'll need to do:

1. Pick your date.
2. Proceed directly to Twitter.
3. Post your prediction using the following hashtag:


Your first date is non-negotiable: if you guess and it's not a Tuesday, I will do my best to correct you and suggest the nearest Tuesday. Once you've guessed however, no changing your mind.

The Contest will close on the date the Beta of the Expansion is announced. No dates will be accepted after this point.

 If Twitter is STILL a foreign country to you, this might be a fine opportunity to sign up and enjoy the entire experience. Mashable has a decent starter guide if you are a complete newcomer, with a no-nonsense accompanying guidebook to what's what. Don't be daunted by this awesome technology, it's engaging and shiny, and if you need someone to talk to you can find me @AlternativeChat where I will be happy to give you a cheery /wave in 140 characters or less :D Oh, and you don't need a mobile device to enjoy the experience, a computer will do just as well.

We've anticipated that more than one of you might like to pick the same date for release, and so there again will be five winners for this contest. This means that for each Tuesday from now until the eventual release date there are five potential 'slots' that can be filled with your guesses. So if you pick the same Tuesday as someone else don't panic, as long as there's still a slot on that particular Tuesday free, your entry is sound. We did t-shirts last time, which were hugely popular, and so after some discussion we have decided that's what you'll get this time as well. You will also be able to specify your faction colour (red or blue, obviously) The final item should look something like this:

This one is blue. It can also be red, don't panic :D

Our crack team of web monkeys will regularly collate the guesses and a separate site will be set up to track the entries. Once Blizzard officially says the word the contest will close and the five that are closest to the actual date will be deemed the winners. Your shirts will be sent shortly afterwards!

Any queries, issues, or abuse that this contest is just a shameless attempt to waste time before the expansion appears, tweet or mail me using my details on the Q&A Page.

So, enough chit-chat, let's get to it! Tweet away and I'll look forward to posting the first set of entries this time next week, which has been officially deemed Tuesday Contest Update Day :D


Zubie said...

What happens is they release on a Wednesday?

The Godmother said...

They've always released on a Tuesday, both US and EU :D