Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Cup of Coffee, A Sandwich And You

A man made me a sandwich similar to this one. In our kitchen :P

So, I'm all out of braincells today.

I was going to do a complicated and maths-related post but you know what? I'm going to take a day off, because after fighting two hours of lag last night while we were supposed to be raiding and a ton of emotional fallout from last week. I need to be not in front of a computer screen. My poor brane could do with a rest, so I'll be seeping it in music via the joy of Spotify (yes I've only just discovered streaming audio like this, be afraid) and doing stuff to a house that looks like a bombsite and deserves some love.

For the rest of you, may you enjoy your Sunday, remember that the Release Date Contest is running and there are still dates available, and I'll see you bright an early tomorrow morning with (hopefully) renewed enthusiasm for the week ahead.

Enjoy your sandwich :D

1 comment:

Grimmtooth said...

I will gladly make you a sammich anytime (whether you use sudo or not). Have a nice rest. :)