Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Final Countdown (Day 9) :: Space Oddity

I called up Part Four of my old Guide for re-tooling yesterday, and realised that Houston would have a problem with this.

Toys out of the Cart. IT COULD HAPPEN.

This bit of our suggestion box was very simple: go stack 25 Daily Quests in your log, so that when the Expansion launches you have a little bit of 'free' XP to begin your journey. However, I'm beginning to suspect that Blizzard might actually read this blog, and that when the time comes this particular avenue may not be open to us any more. The Daily effectively doesn't exist any more, after all, at least not in the form that it did in Tol Barad, which is where I suggested everyone did this last time. Of course, plenty of Daily quests remain in a selection of quest hubs, and more importantly each one will award you with Valor this time around.

That, in itself, is enough to make me think there's going to be some kind of major change to the mechanics before the Expansion hits.

The XP stack was never really a 'cheat', at least not in my eyes, and it did mean with rested (if you pulled a character out after launch but didn't hand the quests in until you levelled) you could accumulate a decent two or three bar head start. However, when you factor Valor into the equation, I suspect that Blizzard won't want you earning ANY of that until quite late on. Does this therefore mean that ALL dailies or indeed anything that awards a Valor component will be switched off before the Expansion hits? I reckon it's a distinct possibility, because if you can go back and earn the points really easily, that's going to defeat the object of any reset (which has become pretty much de rigeur on an Expansion launch.)

As a result, stacking anything becomes a pretty pointless exercise EXCEPT for the XP, but this is one of those instances where we can't do anything with confidence until we know exactly what we're dealing with. So, go back and re-read the last three days worth of Guides, and keep working on the business of organisation. This is one I'll have to get back to you on, but if I'm already thinking it's going to be a problem...

Take the day off. I'll be back with you tomorrow :D

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Joar said...

One option may just be to reset it so that "old" dailies no longer reward valor but the new max level dailies do.