Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Final Countdown (Day 22) :: Save a Prayer

No. Just NO.

Yesterday, I asked Twitter if it thought we could expect playable version of the Beta to be available at Blizzcon. This elicited a number of interesting responses, including some thoughts on what we might expect that I'd not considered in this week's slew of posts. One struck a particular chord, especially considering the potential content we discussed last week:

Mail wearing class, you say? ^^

I've always said that this game needs more hunters, but DEMON Hunters? How's that going to work, then? When someone mentions Demon Hunter in game my first thought is the guys pictured above in Shadowmoon Valley, all bare chests and double glaives which I'm sorry is NEVER going to be practical in the rough and tumble world of Modern Adventuring. Then there are the ones in Diablo 3 who wield double one-handed Crossbows and if they get that there's going to be trouble from us normal Hunters AND NO MISTAKE.

Can the game realistically support another class, even one with hunter in it's name, especially considering the current issues with class balance?

Yesterday also saw an interesting move on Blizzard's part: Cataclysm has become part of the 'Battle Chest' purchase if you're buying into the game for the first time, which is certainly a step forward from previous years. If we didn't know it already people are being actively encouraged to return to the game, and the re-tool of the Recruit a Friend feature will further prompt those methods to restart their gaming lives. It won't just be to challenge Garrosh either, this has been engineered with the longer term firmly in mind: laying the foundations for what's to come. However, will these people want a new class to play?

Certainly not from level one, when we could have potentially 100 levels to pile through to cap, but maybe it is time for another Hero Class to step forward. With Cataclysm added to the War Chest I'd suspect 78 might be a good point for them to start their journeys, with a means if they're used to bring Northrend back to the fore as a site for potential new Expansion shenanigans. If it's demons we're talking about we've already seen Warlocks going back to the Black Temple in Pandaria: what's to say that storyline isn't opening the floodgates for other Outland-based adventures... in fact, the potential for New Stuff (TM) linked into Demon Hunters could be set up across every expansion... phasing and scenarios means re-purposing old sites, whilst keeping their original design intact for levellers. Think patch 5.3 transposed across multiple expansions, including Cataclysm. That would mean making sure everyone was up on the same page to begin with, thus explaining the changes to the Battle Chest.

You know what this means...

Once you defeat Garrosh, the King of Stormwind mentions Sylvanas' actions as a cause of concern now that the Warchief has been subdued. It's been quite quiet on the Undead front since Northrend, and when you remember that the outbreak of the Undead plague tied in with the Legion's invasion of Azeroth... well, anything could happen. The biggest single indicator of what we have to come won't be laid out first in the Expansion, however, that will come in the transition patch that has historically bridged the gap between old and new now for many years. Tomorrow we'll be considering what we might see when that patch is deployed, and that the PTR for said patch really should not be long in coming now all wings of LFR are open for the Siege...

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