Thursday, October 10, 2013

Take Me To the River

There now follows an obligatory plug for an event that a bunch of good people I know have arranged and you may consider attending.

We approve of arrow use.

This is NOT Blizzcon, quite obviously, but it is a one-day event that has permission from Blizzard to use the relevant livestreams and stick them on a TV in a very nice Central London bar. So that means drinks, food and (hopefully) a lot of very entertaining individuals.

Oh yeah, and I plan to be there. YES THERE WILL BE LIVE FAFFING.

For all the details you need, you'll want to go to the following URL:

We now return you to your scheduled afternoon browsing experience.


Aralosseien said...

Oh, the boy mentioned this yesterday. I'll let you know if we get tickets :)

The Godmother said...

Ooooh please do :D