Monday, September 23, 2013

Magic Fly

Albatross Airlines announce the departure of Flight 129...

I'm sitting next to the Ruby Lake as I type this, waiting for Garnia to spawn. Yes, I'm worth it ^^

When I get to the point where I'm looking at achievements in a new Expansion hub I know the lay of the land. The Island has done its job, and now that four L90's have taken pretty much all they can of value, it is time to start the sub-90's on their journeys. First up, teh Rouge (yes my friend, I am going to ask for help) who seems to be quite powerful at 86 but as I'm only biffing rodents in the Valley this could be a false positive. On the plus side I picked up the Engi Journal last night while questing so I'll be using this Dwarf for (probably) Refrigerator manufacture... because, you can never have enough electrical appliances. Yes, most of this is just for professions. Let's not try and make this about anything else.

Apparently some people can see if I'm lying, they just instinctively *know.*

If I put my mind to this, I reckon I can knock off an alt a week. No frills, no fuss, no stopping to smell the roses or do dailies or get anything other than just the optimum levelling path. That means, give or take, this is how it will pan out:

  • Level to 87 in the Valley
  • Ding 87, go to Kun Lai. Open the Vale, then continue questing.
  • Ding 88, leave Kun Lai and go the Townlong Steppes. Start questing.
  • Ding 89, leave Townlong and go to the Dread Wastes. Start questing
  • L90. Profit.
  • Start next alt.

I can even tell you on which part of which particular quest chain I'll be on when I ding each level and then drop all the followups. This has become a well-honed routine, and there is no time for finishing hubs or dwelling on mopping up Achievements. That's a waste of time and effort in our efficient, streamlined world. I am forced to cut all the fat, trim all the excess weight from the wonder and the interest, because we've passed the expiry date for stopping and enjoying things. This part of our journey is all about business and efficiency and getting the job done. I know this because yesterday my husband conceded that there was no way he was keeping track of everything he's being given on the Island without a form, and if he's having to do this he confidently predicts Blizzard will introduce something similar in due course.

In some parts of my life, at least, it appears I am spot on in my assumptions.

Don't diss the Game. It WILL get you :D

That should mean that this time NEXT week I'll be sending the Shaman off on her 90 fast-track. After that I think it might be a break whilst I get the two of them bedded down with a decent gear set and ready to mothball (with the exception of Professions prepping) because at the back of my mind, there is one date that is beginning to loom large.

Mmmmmmm. Jam.

Yes, with Blizzcon becoming worryingly close (almost less than a month, fact-fans) I sense that I want to have alts done and dusted because the timeframe on the new Expansion's arrival WILL BE A LOT SHORTER THAN PREVIOUS (intentional caps) and that means being ready for anything as quickly as possible. I won't have time to run alts through anything and I want a full school of professions sorted and available at the drop of a High Society Top Hat. After that I can pretend I only have one character and go pick up old achievements and faff at my leisure. Ah yes, Leisure Faffing. Those days seem such a long time ago.

Time to pick up the pace and to start getting the job dun.

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Yoco said...

Having "done" an alt myself yesterday (not fully intentional, but it took all the way from 85 to dread wastes before I got the 2 spirits of harmony I needed to max engineering), here are two suggestions:

* At the start of Kun-Lai, do not open the vale immediately, but first do the first few quests, so the eastwind rest/ westwind rest (factional) flight point hub becomes available - if nothing else it at least saves you some time getting from the Temple to the gates.

* Make sure to do the first leg of the grummle escort and the follow-ups. A free 24 slot bag always comes in handy ...