Tuesday, September 03, 2013

HUNTER WEEK :: The Luckiest

Two sides of the same coin...

Yesterday was all about the Hunters online.

For those of you who don't Twitter and are in the EU, I've managed to become the GM of an all-Hunter Guild on Draenor (EU) called, rather satisfyingly, 'Hunting High and Low' When I left last night we'd almost hit 20 members (all hunters, obviously) and were at Guild Level 2. I will be honest, this is most definitely a side project/hobby, especially when 5.4 hits and I'll be back to my Main, but this week I'd expect to be hanging around a fair bit... if you want an invite, gimme a shout. Draenor is certainly a heck of a lot busier than I'm used to at present, and the most Horde players I've ever seen in one place. Hawking Lei Shen kills seemed quite popular last night, for instance, and I pretty much sold every stack of leather/pile of ore I mined/skinned in the hour after I put them on the AH. It is easy to see why Blizzard want to return all realms to this default state.

This morning I went back to my traditional server to roll my new Draenei Hunter: both are named Garassah after my first ever hunter on Al'Akir, all those years ago. It also means that currently there are only two of these girls that exist in the EU region, and both of them are mine :D

Stalkers, start your engines :D

I'm going to be playing Horde/Alliance for my Hunter guides, so I can get a feel for the journey on both sides of the fence. I had considered rolling a Forsaken Hunter, or even a Tauren, but for now we'll stick with the Troll, who levelled to 10 in an evening without any heirlooms, and should have at least 100g in her bags this morning from sales of gathering materials. This proves a very basic point: find a Server with a decent standing economy BEFORE you roll your character and you won't need to transfer anything. Money can be made incredibly quickly and easily with gathering professions and a little patience, quite before you pick a production profession (if you pick one at all.) I should have enough money to upgrade all my bags too :D However, I'll be doing 1-10 on the Draenei first today, to get the girls balanced. Yes, these things matter.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came over to Draenor and rolled a Hunter, especially those who don't normally play the class and have decided to give one a chance for Alt Appreciation Week. I will most certainly be getting both Garassah's to 90, so if you wanna pop by and say 'hi' on my journey you are most welcome to do so :D For now, I'll be faffing on these two new additions to the Hunter stable... and working out how I fit these two into the header graphic :D

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saisasays said...

I'm very glad you chose my home server of Draenor!

I'm looking forward to seeing you in guild!