Sunday, September 22, 2013

Alternative Chat :: Episode 2

Not run out of things to say yet, and I'm getting increasingly more confident about my production skillz. It gets a bit wobbly in places but we manage to break the 15 minute mark this week. For your delectation and delight, I present Episode 2 of Alternative Chat!

This week, I will be mostly chatting about:

  • Not having done 5.4 instances (yet)
  • Other people being grumpy (not me!)
  • How to get free stuff on the Island (I even offer to help)
  • Why you shouldn't be playing Warcraft
  • Some important background for those of you stalking
  • The great big pile of loot I have
  • Getting back into a Faffing Routine [TM]

There have been some changes to the production quality (again) plus you'll only here the theme tune at the beginning and the end. Hopefully this makes the experience a bit more cohesive. Any thoughts or comments, please use my new show e-mail:

alternativegodmother (all one word) AT gmail DOT com



To obtain your FREE GRATIS loot from the Timeless Isle, click here.

@TEAMFAFF's Twitter Page is here.


Better start thinking ahead to Episode Three, I suspect.... :D

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