Friday, August 30, 2013

Seven Days Away: The Lights Go Down

The Last Place on Azeroth.

I have recently been considering my time in game, and what might happen when Warcraft finally turns off the lights.

It seems to have become de rigeur for people when they leave Azeroth to log out in a place with a particular relevance for them, which is something I can completely understand. What I hadn't considered until recently was where I'd send the legion of alts when that day finally came, because I feel I owe it to every one of them. After all, each has been a part of my life in one form or another, even if  some have obviously had more time spent on them than others.

When the lights go down, here's where some of my toons are heading.

P will go back to what remains of Feathermoon Stronghold, which may seem odd as she's a Dwarf. However, a great many formative days were spent in Ferelas, and it is a place which I periodically return to during stressful times. I think, in those last hours, I would fish off the coast in my Fishing Chair and remember the great moments of patches past.

My Mage K will return to Stormwind, where I can assume the lag will be appalling but the party will be spectacular, because despite starting her life initially as a Gnome she's always come back to the Alliance Capital. She'll spend her last hours in The Slaughtered Lamb with W, my Lock, who had considered going and throwing herself in the lava at the Burning Steppes but instead would rather be off her face lying in a corner. Of all my toons, she was the only one who showed a real interest in getting drunk. It's the dark magics I tells yah.

There are a multitude of hunters to take care of: The Horde one E would go sit in the Storm Peaks in that last vain hope that the Time Lost Proto Drake might swing by and finally make my expansion, while I suspect the Mogging Hunter K would spend her last days levelling Archaeology in the vain hope we'd get the Tol'vir Mount via the same means. Neither would succeed of course, but it would be fun to try. Finally G the Bearded would sit in the way only male Dwarves can, in the fountain in Dalaran, and wished those chat up lines had actually worked. C'est la vie.

Finally, I'd make sure each and every bankalt I own was stripped naked and left to /dance atop the mailbox of their home location, to remind all those who were leaving Azeroth like me for the last time that life wasn't just about the epics. However many Mammoth Parades and AoE parties there may have been over the years, you can't beat a naked toon on the mailbox.

Gets them EVERY time.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm feeling rather maudlin so I'll be off for a nice cup of hot cocolate and a good cry into my Official Strategy Guide... *sniff*


Ben Myers said...

I have thought about it on occasions. And I think for all of my 11 both Alliance and Horde, will find peace at the mid point on the deep run tram. Looking at the ocean depths.

Katzbalger-Arthas (US) said...

Oh hey, you can farm pretty well for the tol'vir mount right now due to a glitch.
The Mantid Sonic Locator scrambles your Pandaria sites every time you log off or change zones, most people have notice this...what you might not have spotted though, is that it also does it to Kalimdor digs!
So you can get the Locator, head to Uldum, then simply log on/off to scramble your dig sites, clear the tol'vir, repeat.