Friday, July 12, 2013

Staying Out For the Summer

Standing in the Fire since Cataclysm... and well before...

This is my last week of freedom, as next week the kids Summer holidays begin.

It also traditionally marks a drop-off in both game players and participation. This year's drop off may be worse than previous, if my 45 minute queue as DPS for the Throne of Thunder ON A THURSDAY is going to become the norm. However, this Summer is different: I reckon I've got seven weeks before 5.4 drops. If I were a smart game developer I'd want 5.4 ready to roll as soon as everyone returns to the fold in September, which means that every day will count in terms of stockpiling materials to capitalise on the introduction of Virtual Realms and (by extension) the Virtual Auction House.

Seven weeks will be more than enough time to ensure I've finally learnt every Gem cut and Tailoring pattern. It may well be enough to get my Blacksmith levelled to 90 and have a good punt at learning all those new recipes as well, if I put my mind to it. In fact, if I were a sensible woman, getting people to 90 and finally exploiting that Tillers farm herbalism thing would be another option. Then there are pets, and points, and legendaries... as we have previously discussed, probably far too much stuff than I will ever get a chance to play. As a result, I think we'll use the Wednesday reset as a weekly 'circuit' to attack and address specific issues. What I want to continue doing this week is building up raw materials for transmutes (mostly Ghost Iron) whilst building up enough blue gems to be able to transmute with the JC-er for a good couple of weeks. I'm finding Kyparite is by far the best raw material for this and have 600 already stockpiled to prospect starting this morning.

Then I need to look at a ton of cloth for my Tailoring: the Barrens Weekly is setting itself up to be a great place to do this. What would be sensible to do, and I'll start on this at the weekend, is to send the Mogging Hunter out there to start collecting items and to use what I predict will be seven weeks worth of Mojo to gear herself to a better standard for 5.4. Similarly I ought to do the exact same thing for the Horde Hunter, because once 5.4 hits this area vanishes (there's a blog post on that at the weekend, by the way) and I really doubt I'll have the ability to take advantage of this area for anyone else's gearing by the time that happens. So, we'll make hay whilst the summer means I doubt I'll be fighting anyone for the single mob spawns past the weekend. In fact, I can see this becoming my task on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

At the weekend, I sense there may well be work on the Beasts of Fable. I need to do some LFR if only to see if I can get the battle pets as drops (legendary will be a bonus, I've decided not to get stressed about it) and if a weapon drops... like, WHO AM I KIDDING. The Guild is still trying to raid one day a week, which will fill up the Saturday nights quite well I'm betting. As for the rest... well, I just don't know. Time is the biggest killer... but there is always something that can be done. The trick is to seize the moment, and I'm becoming quite adept at that.


ZuBiE said...

Err may I ask, what exactly is .. exploiting that Tillers farm herbalism thing...


The Godmother said...

I need more alts at 90 so I can be farming herbs from 16 plot farms :D

ZuBiE said...

Ahhh - thats what I thought it might be. I cant remember when I last picked my farm on more than one character in a day (got 3 90s).

Then again I havent played AH much this xpac as there just doesnt see to be time (and my stash has still stayed pretty much the same)