Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bye Buy Baby

Can I get it in red, please?

This week's WoW Insider Community Topic covers the question of what I'd buy in an In-Game Store.

Hang on, there's going to be an in-game store? /innocent.

This question will require me to put a fair number of personal qualms to one side to begin with, despite the fact I've been quite the regular mount and pet purchaser over the years. Dropping real cash for things therefore isn't something I'd have to think that hard about. However, these will most definitely have to be 'things' I would want and therefore this is going to be a pretty specific (and I suspect) niche list of wishes. Or maybe not.

1. Guaranteed Rare Archaeology Solve.

I'd like them listed by Race, please, 3 Euros apiece. Then I can just buy the Tol'vir ones I need to GET THE BLOODY QIRAJI MOUNT. No, I don't think that's too much to ask. Plus this would allow me to make the decision to finish Archaeology via legwork or simply blow my Monthly Pocket Money on doing it and still having a life. I don't think that's too much to ask at all.

2. Mount of the Month Club.

It's like Beer of the Month, only with Mounts. If you buy the mounts separately, it's 5 Euros each, but you can get all 12 delivered to your mailbox on the first of each month if you pay 50 Euros for the lot. You won't care that everyone else will be flying/riding about on the same mount for a month, because you'll have twelve things to count towards an achievement and, again you can save valuable time having to fly around countless instances trying to farm for things that never drop. If Blizzard were REALLY smart, they'd stick something like Anzu in the package, that you could only get if you paid the 50 Euros for the complete package. Yeah, that would do it.

3. XP Potions

Hang on, didn't you have a problem with this when it was first announced?

Weeeellll... yes, I did, until I actually stopped and thought about it. When I grasped the intractable that items for sale will be there for a reason (people actually want them, this isn't fleecing for the sake of it) then the concept of buying XP makes a lot of sense. However, and this is the key for personal usage, I'd like to think that these things will only expire once you max at 90, or they have a seven day 'use.' Therefore I could buy a potion and know I had a week in which to level my problematic alt, and plan accordingly.

I'll stop here and re-iterate what I've said elsewhere, that I think the introduction of premade 90's to buy is the line that should never be crossed. Yes, there are many advantages to be had with this path, but the basic fact remains there has to be SOME time spent in the levelling process or there's no point in selling XP potions to begin with, or indeed allowing people to level conventionally. There have to be intractables in every game, the cornerstones that hold the fabric of process together, and taking time to level remains one of them. That's why we're being sold potions first and NOT premades, after all.

Anyway, I digress.

4. Armour Dyes.

This one's another very personal one, and it was an April Fool's joke for a while, but the concept is sound. I love my outfit currently, but it would be great to be able to recolour the entire thing from time to time for a different look. It would allow me to keep a very specific mog style but amend it to suit my mood (or indeed match my mounts.) Yes, an utter vanity item but utterly perfect to separate me from my cash. That is, after all, the point.

5. Extra Storage Space.

The biggest no-brainer in the entire game. An absolute GUARANTEED money-maker. Update that first 16 slot, and then give us an entire second tab of Void Storage, so you would have to pay gold (still) for deposit, but you'd have more places to put stuff. Yes you'd still spend gold on top of real money, because you've got it coming out of your ears anyway and it doesn't matter. No, don't moan about it, because we all know you'd buy it, because if I would... ^^


I am sure if I sat down and thought at length there would be more, but those are the five that most readily spring to mind, and there's not a single Battle Pet amongst them... but thinking of that...


Kaitz said...

Love the mount of the month and armor dye ideas! They have the dyes in Diablo, so I say bring it :D

Andrew Sutherland said...

Re: 1 An item shop shouldn't sell the items required to fix bad design. Archeology needs an easier catch up. Bran (or Horde equivalent) sells the rare finds priced at 3 x keystones for each slot + 3x base fragment cost.

Re: 5 Extra backpack space would be bad. We've been told it would take major dev time so selling it in the ship would smack of "we held off for years because it would take time away from general game improvements but now we can people can pay for an in-game advantage we moved a developer so screw you people that just lost on extra world content." Extra void storage would be nice though.

Dobablo said...

One item I would love to buy is an edit button that lets me fix all my stupid word prediction errors.

Grimmtooth said...

Noooo not the armor dye! I mean, I want armor dye. But I don't want it in the cash shop! Might as well play Neverwinter in that case! :)

They totally should make armor dye an Inscription craftable. After all, scribes ALREADY have dyes in the bank. Why not find a use for all those low-level mats languishing in the bank?

Jemma Powell said...

Some nice ideas which certainly got me thinking about what I'd want myself ^^

Jojo said...

I love the 'Mount of the Month' idea! or even just a random mount where you get 1 of 3 possibles - kinda like Landro's Gift Box from the TCG.