Friday, June 28, 2013

Only Myself to Blame

A crime it was never used for what it was intended. Allegorical!

Again and again, since Pandaria launched, I've come back to the same problem with my gameplay: time, or the lack of it.

When Blizzard linked all achievements to accounts, it seemed like a blessing in disguise. All your pets and mounts shared across characters was undoubtedly the biggest benefit. The massive drawback however, which has only become clear to me as the Expansion has played out, is the effect that has had on my alt play. There is a world of difference after all between not wanting to do something and not needing to: emphasis has shifted to P as my 'designated main' because, in the playtime I have, there is simply no other option. She's the best geared, I can play her better than anyone else, and she's able to deal with the increase in content difficulty, because that has also become a 'thing.' The quicker I can kill stuff, the more gets done. That means lower geared alts will always be at a disadvantage until I can spare the hours needed to equip them to an acceptable standard. As the man says above, I only have myself to blame.

Back in Cataclysm, levelling alts wasn't nearly as time consuming an option, because I had more of it. This expansion those classes have, for better or worse, simply become professions mules. I feel sad about this because when I had the time to mog them and play with them they were an important part of what I did and what I had become as a player. Yes, I'm alluding to my characters like a child would her dolls, and before someone sits down and cheerfully informs me of the issues that raises in a 46 year old mother of two I'd like to state that, for the record, my life overall is in a far better and more satisfactory place as a result of NOT having the time to play dress-up. However, with one eye on the fact that within the next year that the level cap will probably increase to 95, I understand some work will need to be done. What bothers me most therefore at this stage are the time-scales Blizzard are currently employing to provide content, and (in effect) how long I'll have left to max level everyone in the family.

I'm already out of time, how will I cope when the clock ticks down towards the Expansion?

I've committed myself  to levelling the Lock for the five jewelcrafting mounts this will give me access to (again, achievement-based satisfaction.) The mage needs to be pushed to exalted with the Celestials for bags (one eye on storage issues, always to the fore.) After that, I suspect, it will be an 'as and when' until I arrive at a point where P has gathered the achievements/pets/mounts I want to finish Pandaria with. This inevitably means making some quiet time before Summer Holidays begin for the kids, sitting down somewhere and creating the definitive list of 'Things to Do before the Next Expansion.' My problem, up until this moment, has been how I defined such a list, but it occurs to me that I need to look back to the centralised Achievement window as my jumping-off point. Everything begins and ends there, and has done since the entire shebang was introduced. I'm deluding myself otherwise.

That means, once and for all, deciding what I can realistically do alone, what I know I'm going to need some support for and then *gasp* ACTUALLY ASKING FOR HELP. This is the worst part, because I don't ever do this: I always feel like a fraud, especially when its something that I am sure other people probably solo (on a regular basis) Needless to say, if you're on my Friends list, I may well come to you over the Summer, cap in hand, and do some full-on, unabashed begging. Don't say I didn't warn you... I suspect it won't just be for current content either, there are a number of old-style Achieves that persist on my 'You Really Need To Ask For Support On This One' category. Naxx 25 continues to mock me, for instance. The mount from ICC locked up in that last component of the Meta. All this and more, but until I make the list, nothing happens. Again, time beats me.

Time to stop procrastinating and get writing!


Andy said...

Well hopefully I can get my new priest up and raidin' soon :D

And I'm even considering transferring my dorf rogue and tanky DK across. We'll see.

Jonathan said...

I am always up for cheevo-based shenanigans, but then you knew that already. :-)

blanketburrito said...

I'm glad I'm not the only ones seeing my alts as really nothing more than their professions in this expansion. My mage is my 'main', while my other alts are leveled mainly for their professions--either I needed my jewelcrafter for those mounts (still need one more, blergh), or my leatherworker/tailor/blacksmith for cheapy armor, whatever. I just don't have the time (or drive, to be honest) to drag alts through the slog of gearing up for anything beyond HC dungeon content. So my mage ends up kinda doing everything like acheesements and junk because she's my baby, and I don't get to branch out as much as I'd like. Definitely a lot different than Cataclysm.

But I hadn't really thought about The Next Expansion and how it relates to them until I read this post. And then it's like, oh blergh, I still have a lot to do before the Expansion drops :P I know it hasn't even been announced yet, but it's one of those things I think a lot of us WoW players have in the back of our minds--that deadline looming somewhere off in the distance, and how it relates to each of us as a gamer.

I hope you're able to get as much crossed off your bucketlist before the next expansion :D I'm one of those who's horrible about asking for help, so a lot of the achievements that need groups get left behind :P

Navimie said...

I am sure there are tons of people who would love to help you out, Godmother. I'm sorry I am not on EU or I could help a little... well, except for the fact that I play Horde as well...