Monday, June 17, 2013


Remove the word Music whenever it occurs and replace
with the word HUNTER/S

This week's WoW Insider Community Blog Topic is very simple: What is your Favourite Class and Spec? It is high time to re-iterate the first (and often only) love I have in this game, at least at present.

If it's Hunter shaped, I'm going to play it.

I have three thus far at 90 (two Alliance, one Horde) and there's a number of others scattered across accounts and servers. As some background, this all began with the Amazons in Diablo, and when I started playing LAN Games with Mr Alt in the days before my son was born. He'd hit stuff at the front, I'd damage it from a distance. Hence the love of all things ranged was born. My first ever Hunter was a Night Elf (which is why the 'Secondary' Hunter was created when I recruited myself as a Friend to get the new RaF mount) but my longest-serving Dwarf Hunter still exists, although she's languished in the 50's ever since she was initially abandoned on a PvP server. I've moved her recently, and part of me intends to get her finally to 90, just because I can.

As for spec... well, it used to be that I'd play all three specs, with P rocking whatever was currently doing the most DPS for raiding. I was a Marks pretty much forever until this patch, when I've moved everyone over to Beast Mastery as it granted me access to every dps/cc option from pet buffs. I played Survival in Cataclysm when it was required, and a pert of me thinks that I should probably sort my Secondary Specs out at some point so I can swap between both without too much hassle, but they've lain pretty much dormant since the Expansion began. If you wanted a visual indication of the malaise of Too Much Stuff, Not Enough People that my gaming life has suffered from since Pandaria hit, it that the Hunters are, in essence, the only people that have been played because it's just been easier to learn one spec and nothing else with the time I've had available.

The key to my Hunter longevity has to be utility in BM spec: I can solo everything with a Tank pet, it just takes time. That means if I'm doing any kind of farming or need anything in large amounts, it's probably just simpler to send a Hunter to do it. That's also why the 'Secondary' Hunter is a miner/herbalist and P is a Skinner: that's all three gathering professions covered, so should I need raw mats, it's a done deal. I can have a pet in my Stable for Water Walking as well as my tank, I carry my own Heroism buff for burst damage, I can have extra Stamina for tricky Elite fights. Everything I need not only to work efficiently as a solo player but bring utility and variety in group situations can be provided by the wee Dwarven lassie, or the Blood Elf or Night Elf. 'Secondary' Hunter also comes with the Engineering toolkit of Mailbox and Portals, and frankly this combination alone makes a Hunter one of the most potent farming machines currently available in game.

However, and this is probably as important as what they can do in game, my love affair with hunters has as much to do with the way they have evolved over the eight years of the game. The hunter community is one of the strongest and most entertaining parts of Warcraft: the people who play my class with me are passionate, voracious and dedicated to their chosen path. The help I've received over the years, the people whose voices have contributed to Hunter being far more than just a pet class, this is part of why being one of their number has become something I value far more than I have admitted publicly in the past, something I will now change. I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to my development as a Hunter over the years: my mate Rob (good luck with the new job!) who has pushed me to larger and greater output over the years simply by being a better Hunter than I'll ever manage, to Big Red Kitty for being the inspiration to begin my Blogging career, and to everyone at the WHH who have allowed my work to reach a larger audience in the last four years.

So, now you know. Hunters were my first love, and they will be my last: hunters of the future, and hunters of the paaaaaaaast....


Shea said...

Enjoyed your take on favorite class and why. My baby hunter just hit 86 and I've been discovering for myself why so many love this class.

Jojo said...

This is so refreshing and I'm glad you still love hunters and don't think they're broken! As a fellow hunter I love how the class is currently. The other hunters in my guild moan (almost) constantly about them being broken, blah, blah, blah yet they still play and complain! Since I haven't played for long they don't think my opinion particularly worthy as I never experienced hunters at their 'peak'. So, thank you for an uplifting post that assures me I'm not the only hunter who plays for fun and not as a chore!!