Monday, June 24, 2013

Brilliant Trees

The arboreal improvements to MSV were going well...

For some people, raiding is never current content.

For our Guild, getting ten people out for any content has been problematic since early February, when a series of circumstances transpired which, on reflection, were really badly handled by yours truly. The upshot was we lost key personnel and pretty much the will to raid. It has taken this long (and the introduction of Flex Raiding) to redress that balance. Hence this weekend, ten of us went to Mogu'shan Vaults and cleared the place over two nights: five bosses on the Saturday, and the Twin Emperors on the Sunday. Needless to say, I think I've learnt a great deal this weekend, and all of it is useful. It also demonstrates, if it were needed, that you don't ever just faceroll old content without a plan.

For two of our number, it was the first time in a 10 man since Wrath. For that reason alone we'd decided to take the entire exercise both slow and steady, allowing people to learn fights at their pace, and not to force anyone to do anything they felt uncomfortable with. As it transpires the only major problems arrived at Elegon, and that was simply the execution of what remains a pretty complex mechanic even now (just go into LFR for evidence that's still the case.) The rest of the evening was smooth, professional and ultimately extremely rewarding. There is a lot to be said for watching people who have never fought a boss before pick up the mechanics from scratch and adapt to situations in an intuitive fashion. It is also abundantly clear that having completed LFR is a distinct advantage in understanding a) what happens and b) where NOT to stand. We ended up 5-manning the Spirit Kings to maintain our one-shot record up to that point, and both our newcomers died to damage that everyone else knew to avoid. As an exercise in training, LFR is still a very worthwhile proposition.

Sunday night's Twin Emperors was a learning experience for our new Offtank, and I have to say I was very pleased to watch him grasp and beat the mechanic and allow us the chance to complete the instance. This gives me a great deal of confidence that next weekend's target (Heart of Fear) should be not simply a challenge for the new people but a step up from what they've now seen is the normal difficulty. I think I can see a change in general mentality throughout the entire Roster: you don't have to be raiding the bleeding edge to get a sense of satisfaction from a  job well done, after all. Progression is as much about people feeling comfortable with their place within it as it is the movement itself. With the wealth of potential options now available to 'raiders' it is easy to see why some feel uncomfortable or confused with the number of options needed to be made. However, if you're at the bottom of the pile because not simply of gear restraints but time ones too, the options become limited and therefore not a concern. You simply do what you can.

I am very proud of everyone who took part this weekend and I hope everyone enjoyed the experience as much as I did. For us, this is the first step on a long road which I *hope* in 5.4 will mean Flex Raiding  with friends AND Guildies and a return to the 10 man current content. However, we're not rushing anything. It will happen when it happens, and until then there is the process of bringing new people into the raiding mindset and teaching everyone in the 'family' how we work together as a team. I look forward to that journey, and I have no timer on the arrival. We'll get there when we're ready...


Jonathan said...

"ten of us went to Moshu'gan Vaults"

...until we realised it didn't exist, so went to Mogu'shan Vaults instead. :-)

It was indeed good to be back in guild raiding. :-D

Ellie said...

Hey! Get out of Pedants' Corner. It's crowded enough in here already.

As Mageboy says, it was indeed nice to be back to guild raiding. Was only sorry we couldn't make it for the full clear.