Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Gotta Be

This will end in tears. Honest.

5.3 has arrived, and what I've seen thus far I've enjoyed.

I have deliberately avoided The Barrens: I'm away from a PC next week so have decided that part of the new patch will happen on my return. For now, I am pleasantly pleased with the difficulty on Heroic Scenarios (gonna need to work on the gear) and there is again an actual incentive to do LFR for improvements. Of course, knowing my abysmal luck with these things I'll not actually garner any proper upgrades and it'll all come via Valor rewards and upgrades, but the basic theory remains sound. There is a path emerging that I can take, things I can participate in that will keep me happy. There are also goals to attain. I'm not even thinking about Battle Pets right now either. We're going to the other tab first.

In a change to previous totals...

My mount total, unsurprisingly, has shifted down from early initial estimates. This will mean, on my return to a computer, that I'll need to start looking to get the Jewelcrafter to 90 (five mounts) and level the other engineer (one mount.) After that... Elune only knows. The Archy mount? Possibly, and then the Blue Proto Drake from Utgarde Pinnacle... and after that, it all gets a bit blurry. Anzu, I'M LOOKING AT YOU. This didn't end well the last time you and I had a relationship, and I'm betting this time will be no different. Mount grinds are, without a shadow of a doubt, officially TEH SUCK. However, I'll cope, because I wouldn't let you beat me with the Fiery Warhorse and I sure as heck aren't gonna let that happen this time. I'm still fully intending to complete 9,999 bones and I'm not afraid. BRING ON THE GRIND.

I'm sorry, announcing this is a loot window
isn't making the Hair Ball epic... ^^

At some point too I'm going to consider The Longest Day but not for a while, because I will need an entire day to do that (the list is already printed) and that's not the kind of thing I can easily do during the week. Add to this the fact that I've not yet completed the Beasts of Fable questline to be able to re-do it, and that I'd like to take the Monk out to faff with Dailies and XP on battling first anyway before I start locking myself into more pet faffing... Oh, and then there are the Alts. All those poor toons left to gather dust who can now level 33% faster, and who would be useful at 90 so they can be ready to do Professions again for the next expansion... and the fact I'd like to have a chance to play something other than a Hunter. There, I said it.

There really is a phenomenal amount of stuff I could do in game at any given point, and there is always this temptation when a whole load of new stuff appears to just go mad and potentially lose focus. I am deliberately moving away from allowing that to happen, and the planning is really beginning to come into its own. The mounts thing is really important to me, to the extent it will become something you're gonna get sick of hearing me moan about (there, warned in advance.) After that, well... we'll see. A girl needs goals, after all.


Jonathan said...

Don't talk to me about feckin' Anzu. 205-odd kills, according to DBM, still no feckin' mount.

I find myself particularly unfocussed at the moment. There's plenty to do and it's all still fun, but real life is limiting midweek play time to almost zero.

Katzbalger-Arthas (US) said...

Longest Day really doesn't take that long honestly. As an altoholic you can even spread it over a few days utilising your alts, just park them at various tamers, do the daily but don't turn it in. Then when you're ready hop around turning them all in. Limit of 25 you can have completed due to the quest log limit, but there's only 41 tamers (if you took your list off wowhead before 5.3 hit, their list shows both faction's tamers, as horde it's only the kalimdor lowbie ones, ally only ek lowbie ones) in total so not that bad.