Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Son Rising

All this AND Grisly Trophies? Yes please!

Yesterday, Blizzard admitted something I've known since February. A few people unsubbed from the game. However, one very important person in this household has returned, which has come as something of a surprise. Our 12 year old's been an avid gamer for a while now: Roblox, Runescape, an Xbox and PS3 Master but nothing that required the level of effort that Warcraft demands. He's had an account for some time, we just let it lapse. Last week, out of the blue, he asked me to reinstall the client. Since then there has been a level of application that I've not seen on any game for some time. I'm wondering if I missed a Memo somewhere... ^^

Last night, as a result, Mr Alt and me took him to a Cataclysm instance. His Death Knight had been L82 for quite some time, but as he hit 83 via questing, we had the option to take him from Deepholm where he was and run him around The Stonecore. Added bonus for P was the Grisly Trophies (relevant level mobs!1!!1!) but I was there, purely and simply, to garner him a ton of XP and some quest rewards. Absolutely the last thing I was expecting to drop from Slabhide did.

Stick a Flake in that roll STAT!

My son passed without a word, despite a real desire to own a Dragon of his own. He is well aware of Mum's obsessive farming of instances for mounts, but it was still wonderful when he thought of me. Needless to say, there was running around the Conservatory (possibly with a shirt over my head, I couldn't possibly comment.) I suspect there will be an CoT Strat and OS3D run before the weekend to reward him for his thoughtfulness (as those two dragon mounts are easy enough to nab.) However, with that roll, I'm betting my luck for the rest of the year might already have been used up, so taking him to the Vortex Pinnacle should be utterly safe and yield no surprises...

Big spear. Wee Dwarf woman.

I'm still working on Living Steel transmutes for the first Engineering mount (whilst also faffing with Jeeves mats on the new Engi to boot) so this is a very pleasant bonus. Next up, seeing if I can get the Blue Proto Drake to appear in Utguard Pinnacle... ^^


Jonathan said...

Grats! Always awesome when a long-awaited mount drops. And kudos to Son of Alt too. :-)

Anonymous said...

/grats again! :)


TheGrumpyElf said...

Congrats. That one is an hard one to get. Still have never seen it drop.

Zerohour said...

It's always nice to get a bonus when you're helping someone out.