Monday, May 20, 2013

Monk's Music

Azeroth's Worst Dressed Mistweaver: discuss.

Last night, B the Monk hit 57.

I hadn't intended to make any comment about the levelling process: I don't enjoy the slog any more, because that is normally what it ends up as being unless a) I'm levelling a hunter or b) the toon is pure dps. I'd always intended my Monk to be a Healer, and this is what I've bought her up as: amazingly however, dps is rather joyful. In fact, I'm really rather getting into biffing random things. I don't spin around nearly as much as I probably should but I'm great at silencing stuff, CC'ing multiple mobs and generally kung-fu-ing anything with a pulse. The fact I am writing 'this is an enjoyable levelling process' is a revelation in itself. I really thought I'd never take another character from scratch to maximum level again. Now I fully intend to make it to 90 and beyond.

It's also made me realise just how much everyone else now looks very much the same with their animations compared with Monks. I am so enamoured with the said animations I am giving serious consideration to making a space on account #2 and rolling a female monk dwarf... just because I can, and that I may even (gasp!) consider working on them as my first ever Tank. There is a lot to be said for enjoying watching your character make their way through the World (Roll ftw) and after eight years to find pleasure in this process again is really rather reassuring. I'm wondering if we'll be getting a new race or whether it'll be a Hero Class in the next expansion... who knows. Part of me thinks we might get a race that starts in their 50's again just so that the first part of the grind can be bypassed...

iLevel 27. Style level zero.

Mr Alt has very graciously hauled me through a number of the high-end 1-60 dungeons over the weekend: Sunken Temple (yes, it's a joke now), Lower and Upper Blackrock, and I hope with the fabulous Enlightenment buff I'll be in a position to be dragged through a bunch of Outland instances this week. I'm levelling her as a Scribe as she'll get a free weapon, and the fact I could do with a max level Herbalist while I level the other bunch once 5.3 comes in and the XP requirements for 85-90 drop. However, my main consideration today is making her look less ridiculous and far more stylish, which may be something of a challenge as she's only little in level terms. I'd considered a white outfit but my options in leather are fairly limited so instead we may go red as that's the largest colour selection I currently possess. Needless to say, once I'm done, you'll see it here.

For now, it's time to pull out Mog It (after I've done my daily Inscription Research of course) and work on getting this little one some elegance...

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