Sunday, May 12, 2013

Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard

Goodbye to Rosie (not real name), Queen of Dire Maul.

I'm not going back to LFD to level my Monk.

The bad has finally outweighed the good. The abuse as a healer if I do anything wrong, or don't keep up with the group, or heal the tank ahead of the dps pretending to be the tank has actively discouraged me levelling. The Satchel of Helpful Goods is anything but. If I want to get to 85 it would be via questing and Pet Battles and, at this point, I don't have the time. 85-90 will happen during 5.3 and will be via Guild because I know so many other people are going to wait. For now, therefore, I need a way to level on my own that includes Dungeons where I can choose the loot I want, and do it on my own terms.

Therefore yesterday I began to Dual Box myself to 85.

Having two accounts is a must, of course. The Monk is on follow behind the Hunter, who comes with a Mass Rez and a defibrillator if things get hairy... and off we went. I used my Two Person Rocket to fly us from Stormwind to Ferelas (with only two DC's and no deaths) and we started in the Warpwood Quarter. I looted everything, and with the Hunter's Mailbox capacity could send it away to various alts to 'process' later. Of the three instances in Dire Maul I could quest in two for extra XP: being King (WTB Queen option PST) I had no quests but enough for three levels. For the time it took and what I got, it was well worth the extra 'effort'.. and there was just NO STRESS AT ALL.

I think that fact alone made the entire experience worth doing.

Bolstered by this, I went to Razorfen Kraul (Goldthorn Tea still gettable \o/). Mr Alt, watching this, offered a run through Strat Live Side as soon as I'd reached the level, which then turned into the Undead side (need to do that again for quests once I'm older) and was then swiftly followed by a once through BRD (again, quests are there to do.) However, next up on my eligibility list is Zul'Farrak, which I LOVE even after all this time (the Prisoners on the Temple steps event better still be there!) I went from 38 to 45 yesterday, which I'm sure I could have done faster if I'd been in LFD but frankly, I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun with random people.

Sorry, randoms.

Dire Maul and Razorfen also provided some top opportunities for herbalism skilling which will translate into a massive Inscription push when I next log. In fact, the faffing possibilities on the bankalts with all the attendant gubbins there is to sort ( some lovely mog items, mucho cloth which is selling very well) makes this a game the entire Alt family can play along with. Of course, its not getting me any gear upgrades or earning me Valor but, actually, I think I've had enough of that side of things for a while anyway. It's not going anywhere, but I can happily say that yesterday was a great deal more enjoyable than I thought would be possible with a task most people consider a chore, and with good reason.

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Anonymous said...

I've been doing that for a while. Levelling an alt by dualboxing. A while ago I was even a bit more serious and had a couple of teams on top level (80) using isboxer. My current alt is a druid and I just leave her somewhere safe and in stealth while I pull the whole dungeon if possible and bring them back close to my alt. The level area where I can do Stockade is the best. 5 minutes pull and loot, then another 5 minutes to unload.

Cheers Erex