Monday, April 01, 2013

Won't Get Fooled Again

Not yet, but almost.

April is here, and there are no Fools in our house. Mr Alt has signed up for the London to Brighton Bike Run this year and as a result the entire family is getting behind his training efforts. This means that, on a Bank Holiday, I've already started my plan to support him. It's time to extend that across my life, and that is going to include my gaming, because last night I had a minor epiphany as I got myself to 74/75 pets and then walked away.

Yes, I stopped short of the achievement because I wanted to be fresh to go to the Gym this morning.

Normally I'd have played the extra time it would have taken to get that last pet to 25, but instead I took an early night. I've spent the weekend on my Horde alt getting enough Lesser Charms from battling to earn 3 Mogu Runes as an added incentive to drag her to 480 iLevel. Somewhere over the weekend I began to get my groove back, finally. I'd notice the detail that was put into everything in Pandaria, especially shrines and graveyards. I've found two spawn spots for the Spectral Porcupines and find myself wondering if I can be good enough to tame one. I've pushed myself to name every pet I've trained with something original and funny (my favourite is Super, Shrine Fly) which has resulted in the following being stuck in my head for two days. What has become apparent is that I get the most out of my play time when it is a) not a job and b) something I can dictate the terms of and pet battling is very much that. Once this is done, of course, there is the desire to level EVERY SINGLE PET TO 25 just because I can, and it will fit into my more casual approach to the game of late.

Just you watch, I'll get there eventually.

Time for some new Item sets.

I was fighting Whelks when Omnis Grinlok popped for me late yesterday too, and finally I have the 'other' free stuff trinket from the Pandaran rares. I'll make myself a 'Grinding' Item set this week and take it out into the field to test, along with Helpful Wikky's Whistle. I should probably chuck in a couple of Potions of Luck for good measure and see what I can end up with... this means that rares for me have handed over just about everything I've asked for since the Expansion started. Time to write that farming post.

That's what failure looks like...

I failed to win an Epic weapon (again) this week: there is a third spot on my Circuit of Disappointment, which means Tortos is one of my To-Do Bosses. It also means I've seen this buff a few times: it starts at 5% and increases by 5 every time you fail. What's not clear is if your 'failure' is counted on a boss by boss basis or is cumulative: either way, this makes complicated boss fights (like the nightmare in LFR that is Ji-Kun if you don't get a group of people who a) understand the mechanic and b) are prepared to actually take some individual responsibility) a great deal easier. I'd assumed however that we'd have to wait to get help in the new LFR's, and not that the buff would be applied in the first two weeks... ^^

Call me dumb, but I only just noticed this spot in the Jade Forest...

It often takes something else to force a revelation: as I feel the need to get behind my husband in his efforts, things start falling quietly into place. The fun is coming back to Azeroth: of course it never left for most of you, you're just looking at it in a different way to me. I suspect mine will continue to have a lot to do with lists and excessive organisation...

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Jojo said...

As much as you didn't complete the achievement I think you deserve a gratz for gettting so close and having the willpower to stop! If that was me I'd keep going until I'd finished it