Saturday, April 06, 2013

Rat in Mi Kitchen

Finally, the magic number :D

It was always the plan this weekend to do some #TEAMFAFF gubbins, considering the week that has preceded. First up today I went and killed some Dinosaurs on the Isle of Giants for a) bones and b) another egg (I've now had THREE Red riding raptors from my last three eggs, thus proving the RNG does hate me) I failed in the latter but am up to 1750 of the former, so after this and some domestic faffery it was high time I sorted out something on the To Do list that's been bothering me for a while: the Sumprush Rodent.

The Rodent's a queer capture, and I suspect I've not seen the last of this technique by Blizzard: to get the chance to have these fellas spawn, you need to gather 2000 Commendations of the faction of your choice in Kararararasang. This is no mean feat: after I'd reached Exalted I'd managed just under 1500 which meant I would have to grind for the remainder. I've knocked it off in fits and starts as I do with most things and this afternoon I pushed the last 150. As it happened this came with a bunch of green drops, a stack of Exotic Leather (thanks crabs!) and not too much effort as no-one does these dailies any more. Thunder Island is where it's at (baby!) after all.

After that, I took my marks to the lovely quartermaster at Lion's Landing (Alliance). He, in turn, gave me a crate.

It's a crate WITH RODENTS IN IT.

Before I dropped my crate (oo-er) I took a moment to inform my Guild I was about to unleash a rodent infestation upon the Alliance, because despite what the tooltip above says, you get considerably longer than 20 minutes for hoovering up the critters. Wherever you drop said crate the guys always spawn at the area close to the flightpoint and vendors, which caused some issues with obstructed pet areas. However, I was able to level two pets to 25 in the time I had battling.


Before you mention, I KNOW I don't have my Battling Extra XP Hat on, but I did swap after that battle. The best I could manage was an Uncommon rodent for my troubles, so there's a good chance when the next Flawless Beast Battle Stone comes along this guy will be a recipient, because the Mudslide I reckon might be useful in PvP. Even though I still have the 75 @ 25 achievement I'll still be levelling my rares wherever possible, working on the theory that if I do it long enough I should be able to replace everything that isn't a rare eventually [*]

I already have my eye on the Beasts of Fable rewards as my next faffing target (special team is already 'in training') but until then I've freed up 2 bag slots and crossed at least one more little fella off my list of Things To Do...

[*] Warning: Game may end before I achieve this. JUST SAYING.

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Jonathan said...

And thanks again for the heads up, my own on-off grinding of the commendations had stalled around the 1,600 mark a while ago.

Now I've just got to work out what to do with mine. :-)