Monday, April 29, 2013

Pure Pleasure Seeker

Big dragon, purple dragon, collecting ROCKS.

This week, I have blown all my crafting profits on fripperies.

I know, I'm never going to build a massive capitalist empire if the first time I see something shiny I blow all my hard-earned cash to obtain it, but I have my priorities. Battle pets are pretty high up the list, and an increasing number are appearing on the AH with what I consider to be affordable prices. With 5.3 unlikely to be that far away, I would like to try and make some inroads into knocking off my 5.2 list. I still have the issue of the Beasts of Fable to address, but it's not going anywhere and I'm getting increasingly sanguine about Not Getting Stuff Done (TM) because other stuff is more important right now.

There is also my mount collection, recently gifted with the Twilight Drake from OS3D 25 man (thanks Mr Alt for tanking) I'm quite close to being in a position of making my first Engineering mount (more money needed there) and once I've completed that I'll start on getting the other specialisation maxxed. I've also decided to throw caution to the wind and have another big push for the Archaeology mount, because I really do need more blue/purple mounts in my collection (the drake above will be an very decent accompaniment for the Mogging Hunter, now I think about it.) When you break it down, a lot of this is about pushing some fairly fundamental pleasure-buttons in my head: collecting stuff, doing professions, and basically not getting narked off with the fact there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything.

Things to Do #125 : Hunter pets to fill 55 Slots, GO!

One thing most definitely on the To Do List is working out which rare pet skins I'll want to go track down once 5.3 hits. Yes, I know: its not just about the useful buffs your pets bring to the party. It's partly to do with matching certain combinations up, and about the possibility of colour co-ordination (yes, there are more red/blue/brown mounts out there I need to make the Hunters look EVEN MOAR AWESOME.) Mostly I like the idea of filling up my stable with pets because, you know, I CAN. Remind me to spend an hour on the Interwebs this week and start working out what I'd like to start tracking down...

Once we reset on Wednesday I'll be back to the dedicated money-making, but for now... if you want me, I'll be over here faffing, and loving every minute...

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Navimie said...

You can't take your gold to the grave! Sounds like you're having fun so where's the harm in that? :D