Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Over and Over

Another day, another random AH :D

One of the unexpected (and as a result not that much talked about) advantages of all your characters being 'linked' to your account is something I've been wanting to try and play with for a while. Over the weekend I finally got the chance, and I've now set up a Bankalt on a completely different server to my main playing place of choice, for the sole purpose of buying battle pets.

I didn't spend any real world money to do so, far from it, and currently I am almost 1000g in profit. Let me explain to you how this has been achieved.

The first sale is always the hardest.

As an avid collector, I am well aware of the variance in prices of pets across multiple servers. What might cost me 10,000g on my server could well be purchasable for half that somewhere else or indeed double that on a second server, such is the nature of market economics. I also have a LOT of spare pets after the merge of accounts, many of which are simply sitting in one of my vanity banks gathering dust. The key to setting up a new bankalt (in this case on a high population server that is part of my CRZ area) is the knowledge that any one of my characters, ON ANY SERVER, has access to the same centralised pool of Battle Pets. That means I can learn a pet on Server A but then could cage it on Server B. Therefore, ANY pet available on an AH across any server that I have funds and access to is potentially a place for me not simply to buy pets I need, but sell excess I have.

New Banker, Tabard optional.

Working on this theory, I went ahead and made a L1 alt on one of the high population servers. I surmised after research this would allow me access to more pets (not necessarily cheaper) but with a spread of pets I wanted to buy as well as the potential to sell, which is the key to my planning in the long term.

Then I waited. I quested in Northshire whilst I did, and sure enough by the time I had made L4 someone had appeared in trade offering 50g if I'd sign their Guild Charter. One click later I had a character with enough cash to go to the AH and list a pet I could cage across servers that wasn't on sale. Twenty four hours later I was nearly 1000g better off, and on the start of my journey. As I had a bit of money to spare I decided to legitimise myself a bit and I formed my own vanity banking guild: no need to beg for signatures here however as I could ask Mr Alt and my son to make L1 alts on the same server and help me out (only 4 signatures required now for a Guild). You don't need to do this, of course. You don't even need to go though the process of buying bags if all you are interested in is picking the occasional pet to sell to build up a fund that can then be used to buy something of interest. The more financially savvy of you of course (I'm sure) are already doing big things with this system... I'm just here to keep picking up the spare pets I'm missing.

Meeting yourself at the Ironforge AH = awkward.

It occurs to me this is probably one of the most compelling reasons for Blizzard to bite the bullet, once and for all, and make centralised AH's. That way there would be no need to spread myself thin like this. As a tool for making money (for those who enjoy such diversions) its potential is significant, because once you have a set amount of money all you need to do is start the business of installing addons and flipping/reselling items for fun and profit. I'm pretty certain Blizzard never considered this as a consequence of the pet battle system, and part of me can't help but keep looking behind me, wondering if this will be addressed in future patches.

Needless to say, I will be looking to fill the holes in my collection via this method for as long as it is viable. I am curious to see how well I will do with the task...


Jojo said...

This is a really clever idea that I have thought about but never got around to doing. I do sometimes check the Horde AH on my server and even across factions prices and availability can vary loads.
Good to see that it's working for you. May give it a go myself sometime :)

dobablo said...

No screenshot of a monkey playing the cymbals? I am disappointed.