Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Music To Watch Girls (Mushan!) By

It's a pile of Mushan.

As discussed previously, there has been a fair bit of grinding around this parish of late. This means, for easy leather gathering, I have spent quite a bit of time in Townlong Steppes. We like the place, and it reminds us of Nagrand, back in the days when that was the only place to grind leather. This is what these guys are being harvested for, plus the fact that their Belly Flop ability makes for some very entertaining mass pulls. In fact, after you've killed enough of these guys in enormous groups, you'll want to put The Blue Danube on repeat and wish you had the skills to create a video based on a wee Dwarven Lassie and her trusty Direhorn being thrown around the lush green hills by a herd of rampant and justifiably angry Mushan.

Trust me, it would be awesome.

There's more.

The benefit of poking these guys is many-fold. The spawn rate is great, they drop all manner of useful gubbins before I reduce them to raw materials, and their number is supplemented by the roaming turtles in the area, which means I get Prismatic Scale as well as the leather. This in turn has guaranteed that I've saved enough scales to do my Magnificent Hide 'transmutes' until they're well past complete, and I can convert all the leather to hides for my burgeoning clothing empire. Job's a good 'un!


Needless to say, if these guys get nerfed in the near future I will a) have conclusive proof that Blizzard read my blog and b) be rather annoyed I shared this spot with you to begin with, because it's lovely and I am rather enjoying the farm. Let's hope no-one else is listening... ^^


Jonathan said...

"We like the place, and it reminds us of Nagrand"

Is that the royal 'we'? I dunno, stick her on a podcast and she gets delusions of grandeur. :-)

The Godmother said...

I am referring to me and the Direhorn, *obviously* ^^

Zwingli said...

"We" is the correct form of personal reference for all Hunters. We are nothing w/out our pets.