Thursday, April 18, 2013


Simple is, inevitably, best.

I have spent some time this week practising my capitalism.

WoW Insider asked last week if player-made gear had become irrelevant and it set me thinking about the small pile of Blood Spirit that I'd been accumulating in my Vanity Bank. A cursory glance on my server's AH revealed that the crafting market appears to be both alive and decently-healthy: not simply PvP items either. The Blood Spirit, which makes up one component of the 496 Epic craftables (with Magnificent Hides and Spirits of Harmony) appeared to be a sensible market to start investing in. However, the patterns aren't learnable, they drop in 10/25 Man MSV/HoF/ToES, which meant an initial investment to buy a selection of items I considered the best bet to resell.

Needless to say, it's Thursday and I've already recouped those costs and am looking at a decently-healthy profit. Whenever I list an item (and tell Trade that I have) two things have happened, often in quick succession:

  1. Someone will whisper me and ask how much I'm selling the item. When I tell them how much they will /laugh or make some derogatory comment about how expensive the item is and that I'll never sell it.
  2. The item sells within 15 minutes of listing.

 This tells me two things in return:

  1. 496 crafted items are essential for many people, especially to gain entry to the Throne of Thunder LFR's (where all the 'good loot' is, not my words...)
  2. I'm selling too cheaply.

Needless to say I've done my maths on buying the Blood Spirits and grinding the Harmony, and I reckon the profit I'm making is enough to keep me in Battle Pets for a while and not be too greedy. I'm only selling one item to and have not yet branched off anywhere else, which I might try and achieve if I can gather enough materials by the weekend.

Selling crafted gear got two people in my Guild to the gold cap. Anyone who doubts the ability of an AH-bought item of gear to make money does not really grasp the mentality of a large section of the player base. This is the real legacy of entitlement: people write Guides on the best gear, and those that read these guides simply accept that a cash 'investment' in the short term is worth the expense for the long-term rewards it will give. PvP gear no longer has a stigma attached to it anyway, but there is something about purple pixels which, as we all know, makes people go the extra mile... or in this case, pay the extra glods. I am reminded of the days when I would make Black Dragonscale gear for those people venturing into Molten Core for the first time and realise that, despite how much things have changed, crafting is still a part of this game that I love, and it remains a fabulous way to make extra money.

Today therefore will be one where I grind out enough Harmony to make a new piece: this has become the limiting factor in my equation. Blood Spirits are listed for silly money, people pulling them out of LFR loot bags and simply wanting a quick return. Leather's lying all over Pandaria, it's just my ability to pick it up that stops me having more. Harmonies however are tied to the horror of the RNG, unless I farm them.

Needless to say, I know what I'll be digging up for the foreseeable future.


Ratshag said...

I'm intrigued. Been making plenty with inscription and enchanting this expansion, but it never hurts to diversify. How much are you getting for these epics?

The Godmother said...

Server markets may vary, but chests are starting at 8k, which is garnering me currently in excess of 5k profits per sale.

Ratshag said...

Ah. Mats must be a lot cheaper on your server than mine - I'm looking at about 6k to make the chest.

The Godmother said...

Buying mats last thing at night, first thing in the morning and not at weekends has been shaving a fair bit off the outlay :p

Matty said...

I love the Flying Lizards' version of that song...

...sings to self while ponders why always broke...