Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Down Among the Dead Men

Video may be iffy, but the SONG IS CLASS.

There are many discussions within this parish about the misconception that Things Were Always Great In The Past. [*] If you don't already know I consider this statement, quite frankly, to be a large streaming pile of wobbly dum-dums. For example, let's take Fishing as possibly one of the best reasons why this game is so much better now than it was 'back then': long cast times, no handy pools of fish to stick your bobber in and a levelling curve that was enough to reduce you to tears meant I was very much in the minority 'back in the day.' A lot has changed since Fishing was something 'only sad people do' (yes ex-Guildie, I still remember your words) but as I will never get tired of telling people, fishing was big money. So much so it bought me my first Epic flying mount [**]. It also lead one Guildie to discover Glider, and for me to end up with a GM quandary I still chuckle about to this day, but that's a story for another time.

Since 5.2 launched, Fishing has been elevated to Daily Event status: across Pandaria, random pools of fish appear, in enormous numbers, allowing those with the time an opportunity to cash in or simply stockpile for feasts. There is also a bonus: occasionally an Enormous pool will spawn.

Yes, this is a larger than average fishing pool.

According to El's Extreme Anglin' these pools have a far longer respawn rates than the smaller ones, which I can attest to having fished for over an hour for several days since 5.2 launched and having never seen one. However, when I logged this morning, the Daily location was right next to Trainer Aki in the Vale of Eternal Doobreys. It would have been rude not to.

This mob is honking gynormous, this mob is far away.

After 96 fish and 4 crates, up popped Krakkanon. If you've fished up The Lurker Below in SSC this guy shouldn't be a surprise skin wise: he's also a fairly long fight. I was able to pop Stampede twice and was quite grateful for the presence of a tanking pet to make things easier: because he uses a water jet attack being in the water should minimise your damage. When he (finally) died I was rewarded with 20 Jewelled Danio (Fish of the day) and a Flying Tiger Gorami, sadly no use as I'd caught one from the same pool about 10 minutes earlier. C'est La Vie.

Big nameplate, MASSIVE footprint :D

I can at least say however I've seen one of these fellas 'in the wild.'

[*] Music is probably one of the few exceptions to this rule. See above.
[**] Mr Alt lent me the rest. I still owe him, and at current rates of inflation I sincerely hope he never calls in the debt ^^

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