Monday, March 25, 2013

You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)

A new Raptor means back to the Island... :D

Plans often need a lot of tweaking. My Cunning Valor Point-centric plan is one of those that's looking like a Work in Progress.

It became abundantly apparent on Saturday that once P hit 1000 Valor, doing anything with her that rewarded Valor was a waste of my time and effort. I'm already comfortably into Revered with the Kirin Tor chaps on Thunder Island, so it suddenly becomes more sensible to put her away until reset and pull out the Hunter alts (both factions now yay), who not only get the Valor of the Ancients buff, but who will greatly benefit from both questing and reputations. Having also discovered that Pet Battling rewards a pretty decent Lesser Charms return, I think my weekly list will now include some new things to do on Monday and Tuesday nights:

  • Get Hordie E's farm up to 16 plots
  • Use Work Orders to build Alliance K's rep up on factions that have Valor upgrades
  • Send them both to the Island at least two days a week (ooh that's convenient)
  • Pick up all the Dirt Piles I can find for Tillers friend massive bumper reputation turnins
  • Consider a Crafting Profession for both of them to utilise all the Harmonies the pair have picked up

K's managed to exceed 470 iLevel (as of last night) which means there's some new LFR for her to faff in but E's in a less comfortable position and will require a fair bit of work to get her to that point: however there is a fair bit of stuff she can pick up from quests etc that will help that, plus (of course) all of this means an income. I've not checked the bank status this week but I'm thinking I've done pretty well, especially with P's sales of new PvP gear. Another benefit of LFR has been the bags yielding stuff of ACTUAL VALUE: I almost have enough Blood Spirit for a 496 Epic craft. Last night I even managed to find a Sen'jin Fetish which I suspect will make a few pence on the AH.

There is still 'stuff to do' on P: now I have the Green Raptor above it's time to go back to the Isle of Giants to see if I get another egg (as they're unique-soulbound I don't want to be farming while there's one in my bags) There's still the Sumprush Rodent to grab from Shieldwall, Clock'em from the Brawler's Guild... and 25 Rare Battle Pets generally. I'm into the 40's now, picking areas to battle where I know I have uncommon pets that might upgrade, and I've done pretty well on that front (three yesterday) However, with the fact that I pulled in OVER 100 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune from an evening's battling on P Saturday night, it makes far more sense to have the alts do this so they can swap for Runes/Coins and start a stack of these of their own for using in LFR.

Then, when all that's done, there are the pile of Treasure Trove keys for the single person instance that I really should investigate...

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't done the troves solo scenario yet you really should! Especially on those alts you're gearing. You get a decent amount of gold, plenty of elder charms (my record so far is 17 elder charms from one run), historical parchments which exchange for kirin tor whateverthatallyrubbishiscalled rep tokens which are BOA!! and even a low chance of a mogu rune or 502 epics. I've had 2 mogu runes so far, both on my main, no epics yet on any alt.

For the alts, the elder charm bonanza is the best thing, once you get them into LFR or doing Sha/Galleon you have enough from just doing that scenario once a week to use them on pretty much everything. If you happen to want something in particular, for example the gun off lei shi, you could run it over and over even after you've killed it once and still get to use another elder charm roll.

Katzbalger-Arthas (US)