Monday, March 11, 2013

Winds of Change

This looks interesting, Dog...

Finally, after eight years, someone's come along and found something to genuinely distract me from Warcraft.

It may be small now, but it's growing fast... :D

I admit it, this weekend was all about Sim City. This is a game I first remember in my early 20's, on an Amiga, which I played until I wore the game out, quite literally. When I heard it was coming back there was quite palpable excitement and this weekend I appear to have been one of the dozen or so people who didn't suffer any server issues and could play uninterrupted, so I did, and it was glorious. I like my cities well educated (always going straight for a University) and they're exclusively wind/solar powered (dirty old pollution can NICK OFF) and it must be said, I build Milton Keynes, EVERY TIME. There's a story behind that, but it's for another time.

I did log last night for Thunder King dailies, but I feel I ought to be honest with you guys and say that I'm going to need to find a way to fit two games into my daily life for a while, at least until I've played out my desire to fill an entire new map with my own creations and got them all to trade with each other. Then I might feel confident enough to open up my Worlds to other people (DM me on Twitter if you want my user name :D) but for now I'm quietly learning the new ways getting unreasonably excited when a Zombie Invasion wipes out half my city overnight.

For those of you wondering whether this will eventually mark the end of my time with Warcraft: sorry, not going to happen. I love my little people and my game far too much for that, I'm just doing as those lovely Pandas have instructed me to do from Day One: this is me, slowing down, enjoying the ride for what it is and adapting myself to a new way of doing things. Plus, there is universal approval in the house that the music for Sim City utterly rocks, and that alone is endorsement (if it were needed) that this game is here to stay. Now all I need is to work out what this bloke Maxis Man does when I deploy his Superhero Fortress into my city... :D

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