Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rip It Up

The giant mutant non-denominational lizard makes a beeline for the dump...

Tomorrow a new LFR opens. I think maybe it's time to try a New Plan (TM) What letter did we get to last time, I wonder... [FX: Consults list] I tell you what, let's rip up the whole thing and start again, shall we?

I'm still only working on one character, the Hunter, because everything is just Easier With Hunter. It is the same brain-free state I find myself in when playing Sim City, if truth be told, and after a 24 hours like I've just had I know for a fact that my little grey cells aren't up to much that would involve actual thought. However, I will be taking some time to look at the Boss Guides for the first LFR wing that's going to open up because a) I have iLevel 480 and don't want to look stupid and b) I need to start maxxing out my Valor again for the buff so it's actually worthwhile considering other alts once I get myself back into some kind of rhythm. For now, it seems sensible to start small and work my way up from there.

That means, some basic and realistic goals:

  • Complete all six LFR's (540 valor and hopefully something of value, but I'm not holding my breath on that one)
  • Try and do seven days worth of Thunder Dailies. I will probably ask my husband if he'll be willing to accompany me.
  • Try and fish up Nat's three Rep fish every day.
  • Do the LW Transmute for recipes.
That's all I'm trying for this week, I've decided: anything else is probably pushing my luck. If I try and aim for one LFR a day that should make everything fairly simple to boot. The problem, inevitably, is the amount of time even doing this in a week will take up. I may actually sit down with pencil and paper and do a time and motion study of exactly how long it does take with queues and stuff before I start moaning again about my soul being sucked out of my body.

I have deliberately NOT placed 'Grinding Dinosaur Bones' on my list, because I expect that to happen if there is free time available and if there are actually Dinosaurs to grind. As this is very much at the whim of my server population, I think it's best to consider it as a separate entity. The more I think about this, the more likely it is the next couple of weeks of my blogging life will start to resemble Bridgit Jones' Diary, without the annoying stick thin American actress pretending to be British. However if I can find a way of including Colin Firth in the equation, so much the better. Actually, I'll take any Mr Darcy from the last twenty years if pushed. I'm not a picky girl.

Darcy Number One or Darcy Number Two? Not fussed, frankly.

Needless to say, I'm going to try and be scientific about this so I can finally, once and for all, work out exactly how much time I 'play' and what gets accomplished during that time. It may take longer than a week to try and establish the optimum routine, especially as I'll be adding an LFR to the mix every week for the next month.

Hmm, I have a sudden urge to go and watch 'Ripper Street' on the BBC iPlayer. I'll be back with my pencil and paper later, don't you worry...

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