Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Week

Yeah, yeah, I get the idea...

In a week where the idea of Time Management actually became a news story, I find myself at the end of seven days that, if truth be told, were very satisfactory in terms of achievement. What still remains however is the nagging issue that I shouldn't have to devote time to organising myself to begin with, and that I should be considering my desires well ahead of a list of things I think need to be done. As a result, I am the proud owner of the Double Agent achievement and I now know I want to level my alts regardless of the potential issues that might create, simply because I can. It is also abundantly apparent that getting my Main the Valor of the Ancients buff is by far the best way to do this in terms of achieving stuff quickly, and so there will be a new page in my Warcraft book this week, onto which I will begin to plan. I am a mess of contradictions, but there is method somewhere in the madness, of this I am certain.

For the Main, there has been a daily LW transmute and enough Paglefish (TM) to increase at least one friendship level. I made 11k gold in AH sales by pretty much doing nothing at all and it occurs to me that if I tried to start selling some of these LW recipes I could increase that considerably. Plus, I have discovered that the LW bag recipe is only from the transmutes, which makes them a must do at least until that point, but probably until I run out of things to learn. Professions need some focussed love and a separate post, and I ought to start considering dropping some of the gathering proffs I took to level people with to 85 and give some thought to crafting professions that give an advantage to actually playing the game.

Then there are the things that will sit on on my 'Progressive To Do' List: Battle Pets, Achievement Points, remogging, Archaeology, rare hunting...  a constant reminder of what I can be doing if I'm not grabbed by Scenarios, Dungeons or LFR. There's also the need to work out which alts require which reps to be maxxed for professions ahead of actual gear, because having looked at the Horde Hunter it is abundantly apparent that the gearing via rep path is now pretty much redundant.The speed at which I can upgrade myself using Scenarios, for instance, is sufficient for me to pretty much sidestep the entire rep grind process altogether. It makes me more and more dubious of the usefulness of that process to begin with, that perhaps it was really only put in place to rein most people back from sprinting ahead and finishing all the content in the Expansion proper before the first content patch appeared.

There is still far too much in game that I am capable of completing (especially when, like the last 48 hours, it turns out I have a daughter with Chickenpox to take care of) but it is apparent that rationalising what there is into sensible and achievable goals has reaped some results. The next step is, of course, to see if I can continue to feel as if I'm making progress and continue to enjoy myself: I know the best part of that experience in the last seven days was making it worthwhile having alts to benefit from my main's progression. That's where I'll start off from when I next log, added to a concerted effort to actually make some money this week, and see where I am this time next.

PS: Please can I have a 'The Obsessed' title for levelling three hunters thus far to L90. Thank you!


Nev Jones said...

hey hon - hope you don't mind me dropping a link but I did a post about profs & reps way back near start of Mists - might save you some legwork :)

farli said...

i'm working on getting my 3rd 90 warrior!

[One for each spec] my shout for achievement name

IF you can get a group running the warbringers drop rep things that give 1000 rep each and the mount.

As for LW i'm finding those items that mutiple classes can use are selling the best.

I dont know how leather prices are but look into level 85 gear it sells really well especially the blue procs. Best bit is they are trainer learnt no need for pesky SoH