Friday, March 08, 2013

Nobody Told Me

That's a AWFUL lot of ?'s...

As a wise bloke once said, 'These are the times that try women's souls...' [*]

The Island is going to be a challenge on anything more than one alt, I have concluded. I got started on the second Hunter last night and stopped (mostly due to the fact I couldn't keep my eyes open) and so I reckon the best plan of action might be to actually have a routine and stick to it. As it stands, that means the following:

Hunter #1

  • Log P, pick up Cookery Token (flippable table incoming!)
  • Learn new LW recipe
  • Go to the Island and do Dailies
  • Check Island for Battle Pets
  • Fish for Nat's 3 ! rep items (1980 per day)
  • Go Grind Dinosaur Bones

Hunter #2

  • Log K, go do Work Orders at Halfhill
  • Go and do Shieldwall Offensive Dailies for cash
  • Go to the Island and do Dailies

Of course, there is a lot more than that: I've not even looked at the Beasts of Fable, there's still Archy to poke, I have Fishing to consider and Mini Carp to search out, plus I've got loads of Alts still sitting and gathering dust.... and then it hits me. I don't have enough time for everything. AGAIN.

I still need to do the BG's to access the previous Legendary questline. I continue to not possess an Epic weapon, and now I don't have a way of easily accessing Elder Charms that means I get only one hit of the Bonus Roll chance each week, until the new Instance opens up. Once it does, I will eventually have NINE LFR's (potentially) to run a week. I really do appreciate the fact that Blizzard are providing us with new stuff to do, and that there should never be a moment when you're lost for content, but the choices for me are beginning to be pretty hard to separate. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb here and say I reckon there is too much to choose from, at least right now. This is becoming a fairly challenging exercise in Time Management.

There's other considerations too: storage is becoming a real issue again (phenomenal amount of soulbound crap, reminds self to go find LW bag recipe) as is keeping track of what I have and haven't done. All of this is on the back of the fact we've not done any progression raiding for the best part of a month and I need to try and work out whether I push to make that happen or not. Frankly, that's been at the back of my mind and worrying me for a bit, and I'm really not sure how I go about solving the problem. Being a GM on top of everything else at present is not making this as fun as I'm sure it could be... and there is the very real understanding that certain key personnel have vanished, quite possibly for good. Part of the problem running a casual guild is that you depend on certain people to turn up, and when they don't you're effectively stuffed.

What I now have to do is come up with some kind of plan that allows me to do everything I want, all at once (cloning!) or, more realistically, I need to stick to some goals. Until the Faire vanishes on Saturday, for instance, I should go and stick some people through the Dailies for Professions points. I should do the Darkmoon Pet Trainer for the chance of the Eye. I WILL be playing some Sim City (just because) and trying to sort out what I want to be doing in-game without the constant spectre of 'I must be doing X,Y and Z' that I know could start occurring again... and the very real understanding that this is one of the most challenging periods I've ever had in Warcraft. I am sure I can come to a resolution that keeps me happy, the problem is simply the journey to get there.

I do enjoy a challenge however. Leave this one with me: I'll sort it!

[*] Well, not *exactly* that, plus it's a quote from an episode of 'Moonlighting', but you get the general idea...

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