Monday, March 04, 2013

I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself

You and me are going to see a LOT of each other... ^^

Yes, 5.2 is this week, and no I'm NOT prepared, again.

This time around however I'm far more relaxed about the entire affair than I was last time. I even have some vague ideas of what to do with myself (despite the title) in the last two days leading up to patch change. Needless to say once 5.2 rolls around I'll be spending a fair bit of my life making Mr Pagle happy (coupled with fishing for Battle Pets), but until then...

  • I need 300 Dominance Offensive mark thingies, which means a bit of grinding, so I can go summon a box of Sumprush Rodents. This will leave me with four pets introduced in 5.1 that I don't own (Porkupette, Clock'Em, Singing Cricket and the Darkmoon Eye)
  • If I have time I might do the next rank of Brawler's Guild, but it's not as much of a priority as the Faire Pet Trainer this week. There's going to be an added incentive from 5.2 with the possibility of Darkmoon Hats turning up in Daily Reward Bags, so I'll actually bother to do those on a few people come Wednesday.
  • P will try and do some more LFR for points and then supplement it with some Scenarios/Heroics so I have something to spend.
  • Again I can stick 5 points on Blacksmithing/Engineering, which should mean at least one of those two will be maxxed at the end of the week.
  • I should gather some Archaeology fragments so I have crated stuff ready to swap for Mantid stuffs.
  • Probably worth stockpiling some leather as well in anticipation of the new' transmute'...

I'm still having early nights and trying to get myself back to full fitness after the Illness From Hell (TM) (tried to do yoga today, collapsed in a heap, lungs still need work) but am hoping that this week will see me back to Almost Normal Service. I'd like to thank everyone as a result for good wishes and hugs (which have helped greatly) and am hoping that I'll finally get around to doing some of the stuff I promised to do in February...

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