Monday, March 18, 2013

Clubbed to Death

WHY is the gnome on the bigger mount? WHY!1!!!!1!

Say 'hello' to my husband's Paladin and Rogue, who I spent the weekend with on the Isle of Thunder. I have concluded that, although I can do the Dailies solo, it is in fact far more fun doing them with a group, mostly for the potential this affords for rounding up huge amounts of mobs and dps-ing the bejeebus out of them. As my husband pointed out, a fair deal of the enjoyment in doing this is derived in the very real possibility that we'll gather too many and die horribly. You takes your entertainment where you can find it.

Last night we never even made it to the Island: instead we chain-ran Scenarios with a friend, which means (GASP!) I have maxxed my Valors this week \o/ and I suddenly have an interest in running stuff with the Secondary Hunter for double point action. It also occurs to me, with the Horde Hunter into 89, that it would be well worth me knocking that grind off too so that I'll have more than one character to take advantage of the Buff with. This means the week is already shaping up to be fairly packed: I have no more need to run LFR on the Main, I've managed 3/5 days thus far getting my Nat Pagle Fish. I finally got an Epic LW recipe yesterday via my transmute, and even more shockingly it was the 522 mail agility boots. However, there's only one Haunted Spirit on my AH currently, and the buyout for it is 25k. Needless to say, no upgrade there happening any time soon.

Geared for a long and productive fishing grind.

I made a decent profit this weekend doing the Pagle Fish, which had very little to do with selling anything on the AH. Since the Zandalari turned up they seem to be the only type of rare that anyone has any real interest in, thus leaving all the other fellas free for people like me to kill for lewts: I even went so far on Saturday as to log in my mage so I could DE the items I was normally simply vending. My route from one side of the continent to the other for the three fish I need means I potentially pass by tons of rare spawns, and it seems silly not to take advantage of the opportunity to eliminate as many as possible, if only for the chance of a Small Bag of Goods. Of course, there are other bonuses: the Hozen Beach Ball has been my favourite item I've picked up thus far:

Spade, vest and water = PARTAY ^^

Oh, and as I fly over the mob almost daily, I thought it was high time I got myself a Gokk'lok's Shell: needless to say, I reckon this looks better if you're a Night Elf :

Large Red Direhorn is Optional ^^

Proof, if it were needed, that clubbing multiple mobs to death isn't just financially rewarding... ^^

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