Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Masterplan

It's a ROCK, man!

I gotta love my kids, they do so like to share their germs with me. This time, my son has made me into a hacking cough monster. This has meant that two days where I'd normally be pushing my nose into the Warcraft Grindstone has been spent being, let's face it, utter rubbish.

However, a couple of notable milestones have been reached.

Most significantly, P has completed A Test of Valor. This means I am going to have to make a PvP post at some point in the next week, and I'm also going to be forced to look like a complete wombat in the two new Battlegrounds. Well, no change there, then. However, this does improve the chances of me having Part 2 of the Legendary off the To Do list by 5.2, which is no bad thing. P's list is looking remarkably small (current content is actually almost done) and that means that I can start faffing a bit more with The Mogging Hunter, who today managed to get to iLevel 465 via the Vaults and has a pretty decent chance of seeing all the current LFR before it becomes a ghetto. I picked up a trinket, the 476 boots from the Sha, and even (GASP) an actual UPGRADE from the Will of the Emperor today. Thank Elune it wasn't the bow, coz if it had been you'd still be able to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I've spent the last week looking at the AH Monkeys too, and it transpires that yes, you can make a living selling stuff still (especially battle pets, colour me surprised) and so I have several pages of notes that need to be distilled into actual useful directions. This then leaves me with the real possibility that if I can get to Exalted with my tailor and the Tillers, I could use Work Orders and one dungeon a day to push the August Celestials to exalted without touching a single poxy daily, and that frankly has to be worth it for the Royal Satchel recipe. As a result, the Mage starts her journey to 90 tomorrow. There'll also be the ball-breaking grind for enough Spirits of Harmony to max the Engineer and the Blacksmith FINALLY to 600, just in time for the latter to thumb her nose at everyone having to pay four times as much for their raw materials. At least I know this part of the grind will be rubbish for everybody...

Finally, there are the floating rocks (see above). I am quite close to my Battle Pets Guide actually being ready, but as this week is Half Term it might take a wee while to get those posts to the table, so you'll need to bear with me on that one. I've been forced to commandeer my son's account so I can screencap the process from the word go, so I'll warn you now that you'll be making the journey with Yet Another Hunter (TM)...


Erinys said...

If you want healing/evil rogue slaughtering stuff, you know where we are. At the moment trying to cap conquest the hard way every reset for blogging purposes/upgrading my shoulders/weapon before the space mummy returns to the void from whence he came so we're doing them anyway and you'd be more than welcome to join us.

Jaedia said...

Grats on Test of Valor! I'm way behind. Still need several Sigils of .. Wisdom! :D