Tuesday, February 05, 2013

She's Becoming Gold

Quick! After that Whelk!

It's taken nearly three months (as I got my initial find in the first week of release) but I can finally call myself a Relic Hunter. I'm still short the Pandaren Fishing Charm (ironically the only item would be likely to get any long-term use) but I managed to scoop THREE items last night: the Hammer of Ten Thunders, the Staff of the Hidden Master and (from the Glinting Rapana Whelk in the screenie) the Manipulator's Talisman. I have to say that to anyone doing this Achievement that some kind of location tracking is absolutely VITAL: I used Handy Notes (Lost and Found). Other addons are available.

Actually, last night saw me finish another long-term achievement slog:

No, I'm not talking about Steins ^^

I have finally provided enough rice to give my Cookery trainee the leg-up he required and I'll start getting useful stuff back on a daily basis. I'm hankering for a Blingtron on my Engineer (five moar points!) but this will do in the meantime. It also means that, as P pretty much has all her reps done and is working towards her 6k Valor for part two of the Pointless Quest with the Item She Can't Use Coz She Doesn't Have a Sha Touched Weapon, I need some new stuff to do.


I haven't had an achievement push for a bit, it occurs to me, and even though I intend to spend this week doing work on alts (specifically the Monk and getting all 16 plots opened on the second 90's farm) I think extra pointage would be a good idea. What I really need to do is start making a list of what Achievements I can easily complete solo and those which would require me to call in the Cavalry (yes, I'm looking at you.) For now, I have the time it takes to finally knock off the Kalimdor stuffs I don't have...


Matty said...

This morning I woke up with an overwhelming desire to dig up archeology again. Not sure why. Maybe because I love it? Sometimes those achievements are the best things in the game.

Jonathan said...

I've been putting off those Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms quests, as I kind of objected to being 'Loremaster' but not having the individual zones.

They're on my long-term list, like some of those reputation achieves from waaaaay back. :-)

Navimie said...

Handy notes is brilliant. I couldn't have done that achievement without it! Grats Godmother :)