Friday, February 22, 2013

Sharp Dressed Man (Dwarf!)

Twice round in the air, fingers over there...

Okay, so I've been in bed for most of the day. There, I said it, but I think there *might* just be the possibility I am improving health wise. I've not done a Hunter specific post for a while, and I am conscious that time is running out on 5.1, and having read something in bed I've dragged my sorry carcass out to a proper computer to write a blog post about it, because if I don't do it soon, you guys miss your chance.

Hunters, if you're at 90, and you don't expect to be running Heroic modes in 5.2, you REALLY need to make sure you've updated your Relic of Xuen.

The reason why is this article by Brian Wood : trinkets generally are an utter PIG to find, and as this article suggests, new things are not necessarily the best. Hell, any player worth their salt will tell you that the shiny is often not the best when you factor in the rest of your gear. The key to making sure the Relic remains relevant however is the upgrade path, which WILL VANISH IN 5.2, which means I will be dropping all my available VP on the secondary hunter to ensure hers remains relevant. P's already there, and knowing how problematic RNG rolls can be for such items, anything I can secure ahead of time and that can be purchased on the AH is not to be sniffed at.

There is a chance that we might get a Darkmoon Faire clashing with a patch this time around, so if you are a 90 hunter looking for a trinket, and the single cards are currently cheap on your Server, you might do a lot worse than get yourself ready to snag one of these before 5.2 rolls around. Needless to say I'm assuming the arse end might drop out of the entire card market at that point anyway, but I'll leave that to people are are not as unwell and have more brains than me to make the judgement call on that...

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