Thursday, February 28, 2013

Say My Name

Topping the Meters does not mean you are a Good Player (TM)

As a rule, I am not a namer and shamer. It takes something pretty bloody spectacular for that position to be reversed, and last night (after about a week out from LFG and LFR) I got, in one instance, just about everything that is wrong with playing the LFG Game. In twenty minutes, our friend above may have done the most dps of us all but he/she singularly demonstrated what is wrong with certain people's attitudes to the game. Topping the meters is not a win if you fail everywhere else.

Let me give some context to these numbers.

Myself, Mr Alt (Tank) and C (Guild Priest healer) decided to do some LFG last night, primarily for the bonus VP reward from the first one, and found ourselves in the Gate of the Setting Sun. All was going fairly well until we'd downed the first boss, after which the Druid stealthed and decided to skip the 'adds' (as he/she referred to them as), and expected us to do the same. When we didn't, we were branded as 'idiots' and it was assumed it was our 'first time' in the dungeon. This is where Mr or Ms E made their first fatal mistake.

NEVER DISS a Healer or Tank for doing their job well.

My husband spends an inordinate amount of time gearing and making himself as good as he can be as a Tank. He has been doing this job on and off for 8 YEARS. He deserves far more respect than he gets as a result, and if you are stupid enough to assume you know better than him as a DPS there is pretty much a 99% chance you're gonna be made to look an idiot. You stay BEHIND THE SHIELD at all times and if you're better than that or don't understand why fights are supposed to have a Tank, you will die. It's that simple. Calling us (i.e., everyone else) stupid because we don't do as we're told will grant you short shrift and will make us fight all the mobs you just stealthed through to 'waste your time' because they're part of what you're supposed to do in the dungeon. This is not a Challenge Mode, after all.

At this point, the abuse had begun in earnest, and this is where I have to admit I went down to the Druid's level, and so am also at fault. This, however liberating, was inexcusable. I tell my kids this is not the way to behave and as a result I am publically chastising myself.  Therefore I apologise because I KNOW this makes me no better. However, I doubt anything that followed was as a direct result of my actions, and everything to do with someone who decided they'd have some fun with us whilst making sure we couldn't kick them from the group. Once we got to Boss Two, the games really began.
Cheating is neither Big nor Clever.

Our Druid friend didn't roll on the Boss loot for Ri'mok and deliberately let the roll expire. This is because as a player can't be kicked until after a loot roll has completed, and the time from Boss 2-3 and 3-4 is minimal enough that in most groups you can avoid the kick altogether. To ensure this happened at Boss 3 (Ga'dok) the druid pulled the boss him/herself. By this point the fact he/she was doing more dps than anyone else became utterly irrelevant, because it was abundantly apparent the only desire was to get his points on their terms and pretty much ignore the rest of his group. Apparently this made him/her a 'clever kitty.' No, it really didn't.

Respect matters more than Performance.

When Boss #4 was pulled by the Druid the nasty abuse began in earnest, and it was actually a relief to be finished. By the tone of the abuse (no, I am not sucking your dick, get over it) I would guess we were dealing with someone younger than ourselves and for whom I'd be embarrassed to have as my child. As a result you might think that all of this is a bit of a pointless exercise, that we should just ignore this and move on... but frankly, this isn't good enough any more. There NEEDS to be better ways to report and permanently ban people who play Warcraft as an XBox or PS3 game, there should be more stringent controls for punishing persistent offenders outright. There should at least be a system (which existed in the old Gear Score addon, back in the day) which would allow you to rate your compatriots' performance. Then you might realise that playing as a team is better than pretending you're a one man army.


However, there is a very big plus to last night's performance: the Shaman Panda we picked up as our 5th member. A huge thanks must go out to Chinghai of The Maelstrom who was our #5 in all of this and with whom we went on and did 3 more LFG's with two other single players who were, to a person, examples of why LFG does work. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that our initial bonding over the wanker was what made the experience subsequently more fulfilling, as we realised that this problem is far more common than maybe we ever take the time to report, because the action of doing so is just so tedious. Everyone accepts that 'these kind of people' exist and you just gloss over their actions. This is NOT how it should be, not now or at any point. Pretending the bad doesn't exist won't solve anything, and it won't make things better in the long run.


There are people who will abuse any system, and it is markedly unfair that the 'controls' that exist to kick bad or troublesome players can be exploited to the point where they become redundant. There really needs to be a simplified system to rate players post-Dungeons/Raid, and that people are aware that their performance in a multi-player will have a direct effect on their ability to play anywhere else. Blizzard might say this could be open to abuse, but I say that the bad players will always be bad and if you give the community a chance to self-police, the results might actually surprise you. I for one know I'd watch my language far more closely if I knew it could count against me in such situations.

I think we need better regulation, and I also think that if you want a game you can play without anyone else holding you back, it is time to go and get yourself a console. Warcraft can be solo player, but the moment you step foot in group content, the rules will change, and you'll need to learn them all, not simply the ones you think simply apply to you.

Finally, I will defend the players I think are decent and honest until my last log into this game: no-one abuses my husband when he works so hard to do his job, and the same goes for our utterly brilliant Guild healer. They DESERVE your respect, and if you won't give them that, you can expect a hard ride, because some of us play our game properly. If you don't like that, tough jubblies.


MuttleyXIII said...

It is such a shame that some players can't at least accept other players don't play the way that they do. :(

I think Blizzard should take a look as LoL as a method of player moderated behaviour as it seems to work quite well.

You'll never get a system which is unexploitable but at least providing a way to chastise players other than /ignore is in needed.

Jonathan said...

Personally I'd have put that person on /ignore straightaway and said why; that at least would have stopped the abuse. I'd have also let him die after pulling, but then I'm evil like that. :-)

Your post does highlight though what I've always believed, namely that the positives do outweigh the negatives, and that the people who play nicely do outnumber the wankers.

I don't think there's a great deal wrong with the behaviour-moderation we have in-game; it should always be up to us as a community to use the tools that are there, consistently and fairly, and suggest improvements where we identify them. I don't believe in blanket calls to 'make it better', so here are my suggestions:

1) Allow vote-kicking to be initiated in-combat or during loot rolls, but with the effects not taking place until after the loot has been distributed. That would prevent people chain-pulling to avoid getting kicked, while continuing to prevent loot-whoring.

2) If you leave a group, it counts as a pass on loot rolls outstanding.

3) A request to vote kick in LFR should allow the same text box as LFG. The list of reasons to kick would then be shown if enough people initiate a vote kick, so that everyone else would see why that person is being targeted.

4) /ignore becomes account wide. Ignore the player, not the toon. :-)

TheGrumpyElf said...

Welcome to my school of thought. People like that should get banned, perhaps not from the game but from being allow to use the LF tools as they do not know how to play well with others.

I am with Johathan about the letting him die part. I would have let him die and then kicked him. Simpler that way.

I would have waited until the last boss and then kicked him, so he would have completely wasted his time. Just let him jump down and stay up there and kick when able. Even if he pulls he will die, a cat can not solo that last boss. What does he think he is, a hunter. ;)

Not sure what boss that DPS meter is from either but it is amazing how some people think they are "gods gift to the game" and they are not even doing what anyone would consider exceptional.

I do not name and shame either, but boy oh boy have I been tempted to on many occasions.

I had a sort of jerk yesterday, but he learned when politely approached so not really a jerk.

Was a DK tank yesterday that saw me doing 140K, a druid doing 90K and a warrior doing 80K and figured he could pull a lot of mobs because we would get them down fast and forgot one simple thing.

If you do not know how to tank using your defensive cooldowns and your healer is not ready for the huge spike in damage, no amount of DPS will save you even if it does get the mobs down faster. He died on two trash pulls before I said something and he chilled out.

Some people just think they are better than they really are and need to be politely told to chill out. Sound like your guy was one of those guys.

Key with dealing with people like that, if he did say something like you mention, kill him with kindness. If he is curing and being rude and you are nice to him it will infuriate him to no end. Not sure if it makes me a bad person, but I LOVE doing that to people like him. The more rude and verbal a person gets the nicer I get to them. It is great fun.