Thursday, February 14, 2013

Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag

WARNING: Does not contain actual pig.

One of the many reasons I totally and utterly detest LFR right now, quite apart from the general air of 'screw this, we're just waiting for 5.2' that seems to be all-encompassing, is the Bags of Gold, which last night formed 90% of my gains (yes, I got a pair of shoulders, but I am in the position that apart from my weapon *cough* no item from LFR is actually any use any more.) There has been speculation that in 5.2 bags may contain things other than just some cash and an air of general disappointment, but I'd not seen any confirmation of this, until today:

The change is still in for the failbags to ... not be fail. They'll have a chance to contain things like very valuable grey items (essentially randomizing the gold you get from the bags), LFR versions of non-boss loot, Spirits of Harmony, consumables, pets and mounts, and... maybe some other stuff I forgot. Lots of things! Opening them should have some anticipation and surprise now.

Can you clarify what you mean by "LFR versions of non-boss loot" though? Do you mean ilvl scaled up 5man loot?

Meaning items that drop off "trash". Greens and blues and such.

So, if I grasp this correctly, the bags contain more 'stuff' than they did last time. These bags will be, in Blizzard's own words, 'less fail.' However, even with my dislike of how the system works, I find myself unhappy with this development. It has NOTHING to do, believe it or not, with the loot bags themselves, or indeed the loot. It has everything to do with the need for them in the first place.

Once upon a time, bosses dropped loot, and people could win it. When I began my raiding life the only way I could get my hands on anything as beautiful as an Epic was, in most cases, DKP. I discovered very fast that random rolls and epic loot were an incendiary combination and ever since this fact has remained true, through four expansions. Blizzard knew this too, and that is absolutely why the Loot Bag idea is fabulous in principle. When you get to a boss you've killed in LFR, the machine decides for you if you'll win a) an Epic or b) a consolation prize. You never go away empty handed. The problem, it appears, that anything else other than an epic is never enough.

The amount of useable items that drop in dungeons has always been an item of interest, and I'm not sure if this is just me or a wider issue, but the amount of useful stuff I come out of instances with in Pandaria seems worryingly low. If I want 'stuff' I need to be questing or doing Dailies, which does appear to be where most of my saleable items appear from.. Gone are the days when I'd do a slew of Heroics and have full bags: there's a dearth of just about everything. The same seems very much true in LFR too where last night I had five Bags of Fail, one pair of shoulders and three bits of cloth... and that was it. The problem, of course, comes when you realise that Blizzard only took the need rolls away from one level of loot: everything else that can be rolled for can technically be needed by greedy buggers, and now pretty much always is, because certain people feel entitled to everything.

It makes sense therefore to stop leaving anything around that's not nailed down and to stick everything in the Bags, but that does make the entire experience even more disheartening in the long term, especially if the Gods of the RNG decide you can nick off and your entire bag 'contents' amount to three grey vendor items and a healing potion. The biggest issue with taking away the drama from loot rolls is that, in essence, it takes all the excitement out of everything else as well. If anything of even minor value cannot be a) waved in triumph or b) moaned about, many people will argue there's not any point, because you're playing a game where 'showing off' is often as important, if not more so than the business of actually playing to begin with.

I've had appalling luck with the RNG in 5.0 and 5.1. I know I'm not alone, and part of me has little doubt that things on this front will continue to vex me for the foreseeable future. It's not bad enough yet that I've had enough and stopped playing, but I know other people are beginning to think that way. If the Loot Bag of Lesser Fail solves this problem then it can only be a good thing. However, part of me can't help thinking this is a slippery slope and in the long term, this could just make things worse and not better...


Jonathan said...

I have no problem with this change, and I speak as someone also still waiting patiently for a Sha-touched weapon to put the various quest stuff in. The fail bag is a fail because it only contains gold, and it needs to be something more exciting than that. Pets, mounts, greens, blues, plus a little gold as well (the equivalent of a daily's worth, say).

What I would like to see is:

1) No green or blue loot can be needed in LFR. If you qualify to get there, you don't need greens and blues, full stop.

2) More lockboxes, but make them not needable as well. Frankly these should never have been able to be needed in the first place.

"I've had appalling luck with the RNG in 5.0 and 5.1. I know I'm not alone, and part of me has little doubt that things on this front will continue to vex me for the foreseeable future."

Isn't that the twin-edged joy of RNG though? You know the odds are you'll walk away with nothing, but there's always that chance that the thing you want will drop. Hell, you've grinded for rare drops like we all have. Maybe it comes from 35+ years of watching mostly-rubbish but occasionally brilliant football; you know there will be more dross than not, but some days it all comes together and it's just wonderful to watch.

TheGrumpyElf said...

I like these new changes, gives a little more than some gold and adds the chance at something else that might be mildly exciting. At least opening the bag would not be just the same old same old all over again.


I am right there with you. No sha touched yet on any of my characters and I have run it every week since it came out and multiple times for the extra coin roll only.

RNG can kiss my butt.

Jaedia said...

Shame you feel this way. :< Personally love the failbags after how hard I found it to gear up when every body and his dog were needing on everything purely to be a dick, and even then you had to deal with the shittiness that was RNG. At least this way if it drops, it drops, and you go away happy. :) If it doesn't, that's not really much different to how it used to be.

Ellie said...

See, I think the bags would be more interesting if there was a chance that they contained a pig or two... ;p

Sephrenya said...

Oh I LOVE that song. I've gone all bouncy smiley now :) Thank you for the reminder of my youth!

arcanewordsmith said...

So long as it isn't "Sachel of Useful Goods" loot, then there's potential.