Monday, February 18, 2013

It's all in the Game

Thanks to my Guildie for tipping me off to this video. I laughed.

I am still unwell, and as it is half term this week this means I've spent the best part of today sprawled out on the sofa not wanting to think about gaming. As a result I present you with Dara O Briain's take on said subject, which made me laugh a great deal, and touches on a lot of situations that have a personal resonance. Part of my perennial issue with playing anything on a console has a lot to do with looking stupid, not being able to press the right buttons, and just being frustrated at not being able to unlock content that I want. I'm glad to see, in this respect at least, I'm not alone.

It also makes me realise just how spoilt I am with a game like Warcraft, which gates refreshingly few areas of content any more, which understands the need to appeal to multiple levels of ability simultaneously, and will at no point require me to use a controller to go anywhere. I play a few other games, all of them on the PC, and I've never really been able to grasp the intricacies of console play, and have nothing but respect for those people who can. For the record, I'm the woman at parties who you don't want on your Mario Karts team.

And with that I'm off to have a deliberately early night, in the vain hope that I can finally clear this cough once and for all, and get back to doing what I want. Stay happy, gentle readers, and hopefully we can be back in the land of Normal Service very, very soon.

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