Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well then...

Awake and reasonably aware before lunchtime today, I was pouring through MMO's tweet highlights from the Ginmeister (as he will now be referred to) when I picked up this little nugget. I could make 10,000 spoons with my Blacksmithing if it were max level, but I'd really need a Vibroknife from Engineering... ^^ Yes, the two professions I've been unable to finish thus far appear to be the two that will be getting the assistance in the short term: Blacksmithing is upcoming in 5.2, and one assumes we'll either see Engineering in 5.3 or 5.4. Asked what profession GC believes needs the most work to be better, I find myself sadly agreeing with Mr Street:

There's hard, and then there's boring...

Levelling is one thing, but actual use is another thing entirely. There isn't one fun thing AT ALL you can create from Leatherworking: the bag selection is woeful, items like the Riding Crop are completely outdated. So then, let's put our thinking caps on and work out what we could stick into the profession not simply to make like more interesting, but to perhaps give crafters something of use along the line...

Yeah, now I begin to see the problem.

Right, let's try and be creative:

  • Camouflage Gear. We have all these stray bits of fur and feathers, who about we could make a Camo Cape that would work in the same way as a Potion?
  • Disguises. Same as the Camouflage, but would allow you to take the form of an animal to 'hide' in various zones. Could be a PvP boon too, maybe you could become an Alterac Valley Ram or Wolf.
  • A Glider from Bird feathers, because the Goblin Glider idea really needs a wider use than just stuck on Engineers belts.
  • Saddle Bags. This one could be a biggie, if the coding would allow it. Allow you to transform a mount into another place for stuff, like Void Storage. Hell, why not make the special mount a Mule ^^ The Mule would be a base level of additional storage, that would always stand outside a number of places (away from banks maybe to minimise load) Then you could buy (let's say) up to four saddle bags from leatherworkers to extend that storage out. Could deter people from making bankalts, would be fabulous if mules were in places that banks weren't.

I am sure you good people also have ideas, and I direct you to the comments area as a result. Needless to say I am still thinking about this, and also wondering how Engineering's going to get the streamline treatment in the future...


Nyxrinne said...

As a leatherworker forever bitter about the fate of riding crops, I have to say I love your ideas. Even if saddle bags were simplified down to an extra bag slot with a fixed size like the backpack itself, that'd still be a big improvement.

The first thing that jumps to mind for me is the ability to create cosmetic quivers, perhaps similar to the one worn by Bowmistress Li and some other Shadopan.

Alternatively they might go over the shoulder, although I guess the problem with that would be clipping, now that our guns and bows sheath to the back.

They wouldn't necessarily have to be hunter-specific. Warriors and rogues could probably justify wearing them too - and if not, a simple strap for weaponry in general wouldn't be too bad either, although prolly more difficult to implement.

Belt pockets that actually show up on your character might be nice too, and seem feasible now that some belts have librams and such attached.

I know that's all cosmetic, really, but I think that's what leatherworking is missing: fun things to go alongside the more useful armour reinforcements. With the success of transmog, it's fairly clear a good portion of the playerbase cares enough about their looks to sink a fair bit of money into it.

Ellie said...

I'd really love to see some int/spirit leg enhancement. I know I can get those from tailoring, but I'd kinda like to make them from my own profession. It just seems odd to use tailoring to make stuff for, um, leatherworking items.

Some really amazing low level mogging stuff would be great.

And yeah, some stuff which people won't out-gear in 2 seconds flat.

Anonymous said...

The Mule...

Wouldn't that be the perfect fit to introduce account-wide (but server/faction-limited) storage?
It's nothing like mandatory as we can do this already perfectly with (ab)using the mail system, but it would fit quite nicely into the ironic stuff.

Jonathan said...

Hot air balloon mount (both small single-person and larger for multi-person use). Up up and away!

Galaedria said...

Apart from seeing more armour that looks like it's made from an appropriate fabric (bring back the leather and feathers and snakeskin etc, and make more mail/plate armour look metallic!)?

For leatherworking, how about portable leather tents that give rest bonus when inside; a companion pet teddy bear made out of leather and fur scraps and/or a companion pet dragon made out of scales; a dragonbone cage (with leather lashings) for trapping mobs/players (kinda like the tailoring nets); equippable shoulders that look like a feather boa draped over them (I can just picture a goblin with rhinestone sunglasses (head), a feather boa (shoulders), a lovely black dress (chest) and a red wine glass (off-hand)) ... I'm sure there's lots that could be done to make leatherworking more interesting if they tried.

The suggestions for camouflage gear and a glider sound great too.

dobablo said...

Need more morphing overcloaks. My Gnomeregan overcloak needs some friends.