Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gone Fishing

Exploiting the pre-Cataclysm no-fish zones... ^^

You know, sometimes I worry myself.

I was writing my last post, having considered what parts of the pre-90 levelling experience don't currently aid progression. As it stands there are only two things that leap out as being pointless to do (apart from professions, which we know are quite likely in the process of being revamped) when you start a L1, because they have no actual contribution to make to your XP progress: First Aid and Fishing. I then jokingly made a comment about it can only be a matter of time before that is addressed.

Ten minutes later on Twitter, I read this from @elsanglin:

I'd urge everyone to take a look at the article: it is an extremely interesting and (as always with El) backed up with some really solid numbers. The gist is simple: on the Darkmoon Island, in 5.2, fishing now scales with your skill, and determines which fish you will catch. Of course this doesn't have an immediate relevance in the game world, at least not yet, but it could point to some fairly substantial changes as to how fishing works across Azeroth. It is also the strongest indicator we've seen for some time that Fishing could be about to be altered... and if that happens, I'm betting we could have a situation where a school of fish becomes like a mining or herbalism node: the last fish that comes out of it will award you with an XP boost.

There are other ways that XP could be added to Fishing, perhaps with fish similar to the trio of special quest items you pull out of the water for Nat Pagle in Pandaria. The key incentive, at least it seems to me, is to offer everything from L1 with tan added opportunity to help you get to 90: Battle Pets will soon do that, so if you're waiting for a Dungeon queue you can play a few games and still keep the momentum going. Ideally, if you could do that with fishing as well, plus give yourself a chance to catch items that further improve your levelling chances... well, it's really the best of all worlds, and it is clear that Blizzard are going full-out to make the process of professions as pain free as possible.

The next question then becomes, how would you add XP to the First Aid experience...?


Jstmel said...

It's about time they've looked at fishing and thought about ways to improve it...or possibly give us more benefit from it. Will be interesting to see how it ends up.

As far as you "fist aid" question, the only thing that comes to mind is a big xp boost when we learn a new bandage type (i.e. - cloth to wool to silk to mageweave and so on up).

Jeni Morton said...

I liked how in vanilla you had to do a quest to get to the higher type of bandages. Perhaps quest tie ins, like the bandaging gauntlet, or healing npcs on battlefields, or even restocking the war effort?

dobablo said...

First Aid needs love. I loved the 225 skill quest guantlet. A happy day for all my alts in a place that is now a hole in the ground. I liked that I could use my own bandages to healing the serpents in the only first aid daily too. It does feel odd sometimes that there are multiple "Heal X things with this magic bandage/juice/cream" which don't use first aid.

As for the fishing change, I think it is just DMF related because of the sea pony. Now we can get useful fish while we try to farm the pet, as opposed to filling and destroying bagfull of junk. I can't see it being applied all around the world. What if I need to catch a low-level fish?

Anonymous said...

I've always been fond of fishing. But I have to admit adding some fun: events/quests/items would greatly contribute to the fishing experience.