Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Coming Around Again

If you’ve already made plans and sank your Valor, don’t fret! As of this announcement, and even if you have 0 Valor currently, you still have enough time to cap out at 3000 Valor before patch 5.2 goes live. (It’s math!)

Blizzard are pretty good at the about face these days: they may be the size of a supertanker but the turning circle is far better than it used to be. As a result, and after what is clearly some deliberation, Blizzard are NOT going to convert Valor to Justice and Justice to gold when 5.2 drops. Looking at the above statement, you're going to have enough time to recoup your Valor if you've already spent them, which means we won't see the patch in two weeks, but three (see I can do maths, and where I come from we can make proper plurals too ^^)

Needless to say, seven extra days in this parish will be gratefully received.

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Ratshag said...

I've been wondering for a bit now how a patch that appeared to tell the 70% or so of the playerbase that doesn't raid "either start raiding, or be happy with a mount and tabard, or go play some other game" was part of a long-term strategy. Apparently it wasn't - they hadn't seen the obvious because the put literally zero thought into it. I'm not sure which is more disturbing.