Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Across the Universe

Good News = Great, Ghostcrawler shout out on back of said news = Priceless.

The other bit of good news from yesterday, quite apart from the about face on the Valor points thing (which is technically today for me but still yesterday for the US, keep up please) is the fact that you will be able to Cross-Server Raid the 5.0 Instances come 5.2. If you read that WoW Insider post you'll see my good Twitter friend @ReliqEU got picked by Mr G. Crawler as a conduit for said announcement, which prompted the above exchange, and made the start to my day today all the more surreal. However, I'm all for random moments of awesome, so no problems there, though I do suddenly have an urge for a breakfast quesadilla...

This really will be great news for lost of people who I know have been deprived of current raid content on the various Cross Raiding sites that sprang up when this feature was first introduced, and frankly the ability to play with as many different people as possible can only be a Good Thing (TM) I've done precisely one raid like this (with an awesome bunch of Twitter people) and I will freely admit it is something I'd really like to try more of, so I hope I have the opportunity to do so in the future, if only to try and widen my understanding of how Other People Play...


Navimie said...

Now that is really cool :)
You fangirl /grin

The Godmother said...

It's a fair kop, Guv :p

Anonymous said...

GC, if you have the time and the inclination, check out open My guildies and I use it all the time for old school achievements, and no doubt this site will be given a workout in 5.2. I cannot wait!!

Jaffle-Cenarius US