Thursday, January 24, 2013

Your Game

In Other News, World Does Not Revolve Around You, Get Over It.

Yesterday was not a good day. It culminated with me in the Terrace, staring at the two hits of gold I'd just received from Lei Shi (and not for another week a Sha-Touched Weapon), and realising that I need something else to do. I'm getting too hung up on what I don't have: it should never, EVER be about the loot. As a result, I logged off my hunter and rolled a Monk Healer.

I COULD level any one of the many alts I have, of course: there are (potentially) three healers amongst them: Druid, Priest and Shaman. However, I think I would benefit more from something that counts as a real challenge: that will make me think, that will force me onto the Internets to learn, that will question again the notions of why I play. There is, at the back of  my mind, a very practical consideration too: as a dps my raiding contribution is far from stellar. Maybe it is time I placed something else on the table. In a Guild of our size, the notion of 'bring the player, not the class' really does have a significance: I healed for three expansions very well, all on alts. I have the capacity to do this, now all I need is the Monk to back it up. We could use the extra HPS. It all makes perfect sense.

As Achievement Points are account-wide now, does it really matter who I do my progression raiding with anyway?

So, I have created B (who was named by my daughter) for this task. I got to Level 5 last night, and I apologise in advance to anyone reading this who didn't sign up for a Monk Healer overview, but there's a good chance you're now going to get one, along with everything else. I think the experience of levelling from scratch will do me good as well, as it has been far too long since I played the Long Game. Don't worry, I won't be neglecting P or indeed the Gold Making project I currently have on the go: consider this simply an additional content stream. Maybe my plan of increasing output to two posts a day wasn't as ridiculous as I first thought it was... ^^

If I fail, at least I can say I tried.


Dwism said...

leveling as a Mistweaver is a lot more fun than people will have you believe.
Soloing takes a little longer, but in groups and dungeons, you just punchheal everything...
Sometimes I wonder if I had more fun levelling as a healer than I am playing endgame as one.
im trying to write a post some day about how I cannot see what blizz intended mistweaver monk healing to be like.. ahh well thats for another day. enjoy leveling, I know I did

Nathan Zweers said...

As we figured out yesterday. You could throw your other 2 coins at Lei Shi as well. Not sure if that's what you want atm, but the possibility is there. :-)

Happy leveling! Monks are awesome, I just rolled my second one! :D

Yoco said...

Have fun leveling the Monk!

Although I was initially hesitant about them, I can now safely say I like playing them - and I am leveling two more of them, in addition to the level 90 one I got so far.

The buff you get from the daily monk quest starting at level 20 makes monks very fast levelers - that was in fact one reason for one of those two monks I am still leveling; my alliance bank guild still needs an engineer at 600, so I devised that a gnome monk is the fastest way to get that done ...

I have no experience with mistweavers, but I noticed that the brewmaster seems almost easier to level (at least at low levels) than the windwalker. Less dps, but less fragile too. And in the occasional low level BG, "Clash" does wonders